Pet Protector Global Sales Pool Bonus

In these days of minimal bank interest rate returns and very low Superannuation Fund returns, do you ever dream about finding a guaranteed secure investment that will return you a minimum 4.5% on your investment each and every month?

Well Now You Can, with the Pet Protector Global Sales Pool Bonus.

Read on to learn how you can get a slice of this amazing investment opportunity.

Sounds too good to be true right? Must be some sort of scam! Or some Ponzi scheme!

This would be the reaction of most people so you are not alone in thinking that. I thought the same thing until I did some thorough investigation of the details with the company and one of it's senior executives, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

This is a genuine offer, completely legal and above board, and there are no catches other than the maximum investment amount allowed as detailed in the investment summaries below.


The system has been set up by the Goldstar Company, founded in 2011, who exclusively manufacture and distribute worldwide, the Pet Protector Disc – a specially charged metal disc which uses Scaler Wave technology to repel parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitos.
It has been proven to work by independent university tests in various countries and stays effective for a minimum of 4 years.

The product is distributed and sold directly and internationally through “word of mouth” – it cannot be found in retail stores, but only or exclusively through the company’s Affiliate Members. Any individual on the planet can have a disc delivered to their doorstep and placed on their pet’s collar within 3 days.

There are four levels of affiliate membership, the top one being a Senior Manager.

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Sharda Baker’s Dog World has been involved with promoting the Pet Protector Disc for the past two years, as we believe it offers dog and other pet owners the only product on the market which is a safe, non-toxic, non-chemical, and effective 4-year protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitos and other parasites.

I have been personally involved with Pet Protector as a Senior Manager Affiliate during this time and can attest to the fact that the company is a legitimate organisation who pay their affiliates promptly each month. Pet Protector now has over 36 million satisfied customers worldwide due to the fact that it offers pet owners for the first time, an effective, non-chemical, non-toxic deterrent for parasites.

Sales of the Pet Protector Disc have been so successful over the past four years, growing to $685 Million in 2015, that the company has decided to add an additional income stream, a new type of profit, available for all of their Senior Managers!

They have introduced a

On August 7th the Goldstar Company released an official announcement by email to their Senior Managers as per the following Quote:

“We would like to start this letter with a huge thank you to all our members for their amazing efforts and the vast number of new members and buyers that you all have introduced to Pet Protector. It is because of your loyalty and the astounding results achieved in the first 6 months of 2016 that we would like to award you more than we ever have before! We have decided to add an additional income stream, a new type of profit available for all of our Senior Managers!

GLOBAL SALES POOL BONUS 10% OF THE TOTAL PRODUCT SALES MADE GLOBALLY EACH MONTH WILL BE DIVIDED UP AMONG ALL OF OUR SENIOR MANAGERS! ...........................................................................................................
Yes, this is correct, starting on September 1st each of our Senior Managers will receive a cut from the total amount earned in product sales and there are no additional conditions with this income stream. The only condition is that the member registers at / upgrades to the Senior Manager level and of course, that their membership is active, other than this there are no quotas, no requirements!
According to our current estimates, this bonus will never dip below $100 per member per month. This amount is a guaranteed minimum bonus amount that each Senior Manager will receive monthly, regardless of their results and earnings from other profits! Another important bit of information is that the payout of this bonus will begin in September, i.e. we will calculate the product sales traffic for the month of August and pay out our Senior Managers at the beginning of September!

All of our existing Senior Managers will receive their first payout of this bonus at the start of September. All those who register as Senior Managers in August, will begin receiving this bonus from October, and so forth.

We know that there are other companies out there that divide some of their earnings from product sales traffic among their members; however, we also know that most of these companies impose extremely demanding conditions. We are the only company in the world that offers this bonus without any additional conditions. We are sure that this news has made you very happy and if you haven’t done so already, now is the right time for you to upgrade your position to the Senior Manager level! Next, contact all of your existing members, all of your leads and prospects and share this important news with them, news that will bring you and all of those in your organization huge financial benefits. P.S. Expect to hear about more changes coming up in August, as well as a new option that frees you from making monthly purchases. Stay tuned and take action!”

Pet Protector

Goldstar i.s.l.p.
Edinburgh, EH7 5JA, United Kingdom
Phone: +441316037977

How Does This Translate Into An Investment Opportunity For You?

The only requirement for continual payment of this monthly bonus return is that you keep your monthly membership activated. This can be paid annually at a discounted rate of $199.00 per year, or monthly at a rate of $19.90 per month.

Other Income Opportunities

You can further promote the sales of Pet Protector discs to your friends and colleagues who
have cats or dogs as pets, and you can promote this investment opportunity to your network of friends or colleagues who may be interested.
You are then paid a variety of commissions and bonuses depending on the growth of your network.

Remember, you can sign up for FREE for the first 30 days to give you time to check out the full details before committing any funds.

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Are There Any Catches or Limitations To This Investment Opportunity?

Yes. The maximum amount you can invest is 3 X $1987.00 = $5,961.00, since you are only allowed under the company’s Terms & Conditions to hold a maximum of three positions in your network (called a Golden Triangle). This setup allows you to maximise your commission returns within your network. Your minimum monthly return with this setup would be $300.00, plus any commissions from other sales within your network.

The Pet Protector Global Sales Pool Bonus is a Golden Opportunity for a
guaranteed high investment return in the current poor market conditions.
I urge you to investigate it further immediately.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above details please feel free to contact me either by email at the address below or send me a Skype Contact request to my Skype ID below and I will contact you to organise a suitable time for a discussion.

I would be happy to show you how to benefit from this amazing investment opportunity.
I urge you to take action NOW!

To your future success,

Paul Bull
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