The Secret Language of Barking

Understanding The Many Reasons Dogs Bark & How To Stop It

Dog Barking

Recent surveys of thousands of dog owners, by Sharda Bakers Dog World and The Dogington Post, revealed that Barking was their number one issue. To address this problem, a new comprehensive DVD video, The Secret Language Of Barking, has been compiled by renowned Professional Dog Trainer Babette Hagerty, and released by The Dogington Post.

Babette Haggerty is at home in a dog kennel, literally. She was raised in one by her mom, Betty-Ann, and father, the dog-training pioneer, Captain Haggerty, whom the New York Times credited with “establishing dog training as a respectable profession in this country.” She runs the Haggerty School for Dogs, splitting her time between Palm Beach and New York City.

DVD With Shipping Options

Sharda Baker’s Dog World is proud to announce it has joined with The DogingtonPost and all star dog trainer, Babette Hagerty in launching The Secret Language of Barking. Watch the video above to discover our Unconditional Triple Guarantee - Love it or money back. 

The DVD is $29.95 plus shipping. Select the shipping you desire and we’ll send you your copy. Supplies are definitely limited. Do you know a dog parent with a barking issue? They’ll be delighted to get this as a gift.

DVD With Shipping Options