Golden Retriever Special Features

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Here are Golden Retriever special features you need to know.

The Golden Retriever is a very gentle and loyal dog, that is often considered one of the best combinations of retriever and family pet and companion.

The breed is naturally very easy going and laid back, without the hyperactive component of many of the hunting breeds, but without the very sedate behaviour of some of the hound breeds.

Owners of Golden Retrievers talk about a perfect combination of energy and obedience in a very loving, friendly and outgoing pet.

The Golden Retriever has an outstanding personality that makes them ideal for homes with families.
They are very patient and gentle dogs, excellent with younger and older children alike.

Younger Golden Retrievers may be very exuberant and somewhat unsure of their size and strength, so should always be socialized with young children.

The Golden Retriever loves to interact with children, and will romp and play with the kids for hours.

Naturally very playful, the Golden Retriever will never seem to tire of playing with the kids and interacting with the family.

The Golden Retriever, while not a guard dog, is protective of the property and children and will bark if strangers approach, although they are not as protective as some of the other large breeds.

The Golden Retriever, although a large dog, does not require continuous amounts of exercise – although they do need regular and frequent times outside or out for a walk.

They are very capable of walking, hiking or even jogging with the family for long periods of time, but they are also able to stay quietly in the house in the evening.

They are a very well behaved dog in the house provided they are adequate amounts of exercise during the day.

A Golden Retriever dog will do very well in a large fenced yard, and will self-exercise if left outside. The Golden Retriever is a very intelligent dog, and will quickly learn what the owner is expecting.

The greater the training and socialization with this breed, the better the dog will adapt to new situations and circumstances. Most Golden Retrievers will love to travel, and enjoy going in the car.

They make excellent traveling companions, with regular stops for exercise and activity. The Golden Retriever is an excellent companion dog, and will get along with most types of pets, both canine and non-canine.

The Golden Retriever does not have a high prey drive, and will often immediately adjust to all types of new animals and pets both inside and outside of the house.

Since the breed does have a high energy level, they love to have other dogs to play with and a larger, more energetic breed is a perfect match.

In addition the Golden Retriever will even adapt to a much more dominant breed.

It is always important for owners to spay or neuter their Golden Retriever to prevent any hormonally driven behaviour that the breed may exhibit.

The Golden Retriever is a very social and playful dog, and needs to be with people. They are fully mature physically at two, but are not fully emotionally and socially mature until three years of age.

The Golden Retriever remains very engaging and active well into his or her senior years. They are not a breed that slows down or decreases their activity levels until they are well into their advanced years.

A Golden Retriever is a very easy to care for breed, requiring only regular grooming on a bi-weekly basis. Since the coat is naturally water-resistant, they should not be bathed unless when absolutely necessary.

The coat is not prone to matting or tangling, and they are considered to be average shedders. Golden Retrievers will have some seasonal shedding, but it is not as noticeable as many of the other double coated dog breeds.

The Golden Retriever loves to play and to interact with an active family. They are avid swimmers, and will spend hours retrieving sticks and balls in the water or on land.

Golden Retrievers can also be trained in obedience, hunting trials, and are often used as dogs for disabled and blind individuals. Their above average sense of smell makes them ideal dogs for police and narcotics work.

Many of the rehabilitation and therapy dogs used in hospitals and long term care facilities are Golden Retrievers.

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