Yorkshire Terriers

yorkshire terrierYorkshire Terriers – Important Things You Need to Know

Description and General Appearance
Yorkshire Terriers are small, toy-sized dogs. If you can see them beneath the long fur coat, you will see that they have a flat-topped head, a medium-length muzzle, and dark, beady eyes with dark rims around them. The most endearing Yorkie characteristic is their long, glossy fur, which is particularly longer at their head, and is the reason why owners often tie a ribbon on their head fur to prevent it from getting into their food bowl and in their eyes.

Basic Temperament
Do not let their diminutive size fool you; the personality of the Yorkshire Terrier can rival that of bigger dogs. They can be very energetic, and they are also very brave; they are known to fight dogs that are more than twice their size. They can be very affectionate to their masters, but are often very suspicious and hostile to strangers.

Care Required
Because of their long fur, Yorkshire Terrier care and grooming is an extensive process. If their fur is not combed regularly, it can get tangled and matted. Since the fur gets pretty long at their heads, it is best to tie it up to prevent them from getting into their eyes, some owners even trim the hair; and even though they have lots of fur, they do not shed a lot.

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These dogs also need constant care and affection to prevent them from acting up and misbehaving.

Exercise Requirements
Yorkshire terriers are full of energy, so they need to go on long walks on a daily basis. If you cannot take them for walks, playing with them indoors is also an option to get rid of their excess energy, which they have a lot of.You can also let them walk on a treadmill until they tire out. Alternatively, if you have a substantially-sized yard, you can let your Yorkie take a romp for an hour or so.

Training Tips
The problem with training Yorkshire Terriers is that their owners usually spoil them too much because they are so cute. If you want to train your Yorkie properly, then you need to have a firm hand and discipline them when needed. If you want your dog to see you as its master, then you need to act like it and do not let it order you around instead.

Height and Weight
Yorkshire Terriers are quite small dogs, males and females of the breed do not grow any larger than 7 inches high and weigh a tiny seven pounds or less. Their diminutive size makes them the ideal toy dog.

Health and Longevity
The most common Yorkie ailments are bronchial problems, and eye infections. Yorkshire terriers also have a very delicate digestive system so you should avoid giving them exotic treats. These dogs also have brittle bones so falls and bumps should be avoided at all times. Their little teeth are also prone to tooth decay so they should be cleaned on a regular basis. If they are well taken care of, Yorkies can outlive even the large dog breeds, often living for 12 to 15 years.

Suitability as A Pet
Yorkshire terriers are cute little dogs that need constant care and attention, but in return they will give you unending affection and loyalty. Though they are very small and frail, they do have a personality that can rival that of dogs many times larger than they are. If you can keep up with their many needs, then you can surely benefit from owning a Yorkie.

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