Yorkshire Terrier Breeders – Finding Fit And Healthy Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Picture taken from www.inetgiant.com

Picture taken from www.inetgiant.com

One of the most common places you will find Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale is from breeders.

They make money by selling the offspring of quality Yorkshire terriers. They can charge a premium price if the parents have papers and even more if they have won dog shows.

Not all Yorkshire terrier breeders though take good care of their dogs though.

They are considered to be puppy mills. They are only interested in making as much money as they can. It is important that you take the time to find a reputable Yorkshire terrier breeder.

You need to do your homework before you buy one from anyone. Don’t just assume that because they call themselves a breeder that they are in the true sense of the word.

You don’t want to be lining the pockets of those who aren’t taking proper care of the parents or the Yorkie puppies.

For the most part though you will find Yorkshire terrier breeders really do care about the animals. They are careful of who they breed and they take care of the medical needs of the Yorkshire terriers.

They also ensure Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale are old enough to be away from their mother and that they have had their first initial shots.

They should be able to provide you with that documentation for your own records. It is important to see the Yorkshire terrier puppies at the location where they are being taken care of.

Here you should be able to see the parents of the puppies as well. See for yourself how they are cared for in regards to grooming, living quarters, and even what their diet consists of.

A reputable Yorkshire terrier breeder will be open to your questions as well as willing to show you all of these areas you are interested in without hesitation.

Ask The various Yorkshire terrier breeders how they keep track of who to breed. They should be giving the females a resting period for their bodies to recuperate between litters.

If they rush them to get pregnant again right away that is not a good sign.

They should also be monitoring those with signs of illness. That way genetic problems won’t be passed down to the Yorkshire terrier offspring. A reputable Yorkshire terrier breeder will have a stipulation in the buying agreement that covers you.

Should any of the Yorkie puppies for sale become ill with certain ailments they will refund your money or let you return the puppy for a different one.

Such agreements really show that these Yorkshire terrier breeders are confident in what they offer. There are many national breeding organizations that one can belong to as well.

However, there are various types of criteria and guidelines that they must adhere to before their application is accepted. Ask if they do belong to any such organizations. Don’t just take their word for it though.

Go to that website and find out for yourself it they are an active member.

You will also want to read about the various criteria and guidelines they have to meet in order to be a part of that organization.

If you stumble upon what you find to be a poor quality Yorkshire terrier breeder you need to report it!

You can make an anonymous call to the local police department or the Humane Society. They can go in and investigate what is going on and take appropriate action.

It is your responsibility to help stop such entities from being able to thrive.

Have a great day and see you next time!