Dog Barking Issues-How To Stop Dog Barking

Chronic dog barking is a problem that pet owners prefer not to discuss.

Even when their dog cannot stay quiet for five minutes in a row, many dog owners simply put up with it and don’t do anything to stop dog barking

It gets even worse! Many dog owners don’t even realize that, annoying as their barking dog may be for them, it is much more frustrating for everybody else.
Imagine if your neighbor had a dog that barked at everything she or he saw or heard.

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do about this dog behavioural problem.
UltraSonic Stop Dog Barking Tools are one of these.

But first, let’s see why you should even bother to quiet down your barking dog.

Barking is regulated with local and national laws and you can get a hefty fine if you let your dog continue to bark uncontrollably. There are laws outlawing barking in certain areas and in certain hours of the day. This is one of the main reasons why anyone should consider barking a problem, even if they are not disturbed by their dog’s dog barking sounds.

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with the current dog barking laws is to visit the mayor’s office and check who is responsible for animal control in your area. Call them and ask for a copy of the national and local laws and regulations regarding dog barking.

Once you understand why you can be punished for letting your dog bark, you need to make some measures for muting your little friend. Clearly, it would have been much easier if you taught your dog not to bark at the first place rather than trying to un-teach him or her. But do not lose hope – there are effective ways to train a barking dog not to bark.

Understand why your dog is barking

Before you employ any anti-barking strategy or commence any training, make sure you know why your dog barks.
Does he or she bark when is upset or excited? Does he or she bark because they see or hear something?
Being aware of the reasons why your dog makes so much noise will help you choose the best anti-barking therapy.
There is a Secret Language of Dog Barking, and understanding it will greatly help you to stop dog barking

In general, most dogs bark because they feel this is a rewarding behavior. In other words, a dog’s barking is provoked by their owner’s behavior. Apart from the rare occasions when a pet owner consciously teaches their dog to bark and rewards them for doing so, pet owners don’t really realize that they are empowering such a behavior. So, the first step you should take is to figure out if you do something that makes it ok for your dog to bark.

Once you figure out what are the problems in your behavior and correct them, you can employ a specific barking dog no-barking strategy. You can ask a dog trainer to visit your home and show you how to handle this matter or try to resolve the problem by yourself. If you decide to do so, here are some useful tips that will surely help you. However, note that these tips are not intended for watchdogs or guard dogs i.e. if you want your dog to keep barking at some things, you should turn to a professional trainer.


Tips to Stop Dog Barking

  • When your dog barks inappropriately, go to him or her. Remember never to call them to you.
  • Say “NO” confidently and calmly. You must not shout at your dog or show your frustration – your dog will never take you seriously if they sense anger, fear or uncertainty in your voice.
  • Every time your little pal barks, do something that he or she finds truly unpleasant. You can spray them on the face with clean water, use the sound from a clicker or sonic training device, and so on.
  • It is very important to be extra careful not to hurt your dog by smacking them for example. The aim is to show them that their behavior is inappropriate. It is not to cause them pain or an injury.
  • Do this every time your dog barks inappropriately. Be consistent or there will be little or no effect from the training.
  • When you see an improvement, i.e. your dog doesn’t bark on an occasion in which he or she usually barks, reward them with your affection or a dog treat.

Obviously, these are just some general tips designed to help a barking dog owner quieten their dog. You can employ them along with other no-barking strategies and see which would be the most effective anti-barking therapy for your dog.



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