Yorkie Grooming – A How-To Guide For Owners

yorkshire terrierYorkshire Terriers are very popular dogs for pets. However Yorkie grooming routines will take up quite a lot of time depending on the haircut that the dog has. Talk to Yorkie breeders or groomers for more information on the styles of cuts and which one would be best for you.

Yorkie Grooming and Washing

Products you will need:

• Towel
• Doggy shampoo – due to the regular grooming routine that Yorkie dogs require it may be best to buy shampoo and conditioner that promotes the reestablishment of the natural oils in the dogs skin and hair as frequent washing will deplete these
• Detangling spray
• Brush or comb
• Sponge or cloth

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Step One
Place your dog or puppy into a bath or sink.

For very small puppies or mini Yorkshire terriers, a washing up bowl would be fine to use, as long as it is safe and stable. Toy Yorkies may feel more secure in a smaller, contained, area than in a huge bath and this can be beneficial if your dog is nervous about bath time.

Step Two
Spray your dog’s coat with the detangling spray and gently work out any large mats or knots with your fingers, being careful not to hurt him.

Take your comb or brush and, starting at the tips of the hair and working your way slowly up, brush the tangles out.

Take your time as missing any tangles and then proceeding onto the washing may make them even harder to undo.

Step Three
Wet your dog with warm, but not hot, water. Try to avoid getting water or soap in his eyes, ears or mouth.

Squeeze some shampoo onto your hand and gently massage it into his body. Don’t use too much, remember you can always add more if needed.

Wash his entire body; leaving his face and ears and then rinse at least twice to remove all traces of product from his coat.

Step Four
Take a damp sponge or cloth and wipe your dog’s face, clean inside the ears, check and wash the genitalia and the anal area all the while checking for rashes, redness or soreness.

Step Five
Spray a conditioner and water solution onto your dog’s coat to help prevent tangling and split ends, but remember if your Yorkie dog is a show dog there must be no trace of any product in his hair at all.

Before you dry his coat comb it through. An important point to remember during Yorkie grooming is to never brush your Yorkshire terrier’s coat when it’s dry as it runs the risk of breaking the hair.

Step Six
Wrap your Yorkie in a towel, but do not towel dry. Instead dab and blot the coat to soak up the excess water then blow dry your dog using a doggy dryer on the lowest heat setting so as not to burn his sensitive skin.

Other procedures to follow during Yorkie grooming

Teeth Cleaning

Using a dog toothbrush and some doggy toothpaste clean your Yorkie’s teeth. Yorkie dogs and other toy breeds are susceptible to teeth and gum problems so this is an essential part of the daily Yorkie grooming routine.

Nail and Foot Care

This is a very important part of Yorkie grooming. Complications can arise from getting burrs, seeds and grass caught in between the toes. Cutting the hair there minimises this risk and should be done as regularly as needed.

Ear Care

Never use a cotton bud when cleaning your Yorkie’s ears. Use the cloth or sponge to wash them and trim the hair around and inside them very carefully. Any foul smells will be a sign of an infection as will swelling, redness or soreness.

If you are looking to get a dog consider going to your local Yorkshire terrier rescue centre and giving a dog in need a forever home. It’s not just older dogs; Yorkie puppies for adoption become available and are perfect for families with babies or young children, plus you get the extra support of having a knowledgeable rescue centre willing to help you should you ever need it.

For more information about Yorkshire Terriers, check out the highly recommended Insider’s Guide To The Yorkshire Terrier package today!

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