Basset Hounds Running: Doing Right And Having Fun With Exercise

basset houndJust like any other dog breeds, Basset hounds need to perform regular exercises. Exercise is a part of all dog training methods as it is essential in order to keep your dog healthy and trim. Basset Hounds running exercises might be difficult because of the breed’s short legs and long bodies, but it is an activity that they really enjoy.

It is very important for basset hounds to have adequate physical activity for they have the tendency to become obese. Obesity is the primary reason for their sickness and eventual death. Dogs have different needs when it comes to exercise and these requirements would vary according to age, size, and breed. Basset hound training methods should also take these factors into account.

A Basset hound puppy will have different needs from a full grown basset. Their age must be taken into consideration. Puppies need rest after a short period of exercising until six months of age, and they should be allowed to take a rest for a few hours. Since their bones and muscles are still developing, rest is important. Forcing them to perform strenuous activities may bring about bodily harm and cause some health issues in the future.

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Though rest is still needed for adult Basset hounds, it will not be as frequent as it is for a puppy. The rest time will gradually decrease as the basset hound grows, because its muscles and bones have developed. Basset hounds only need a moderate amount of exercise to keep healthy.

Running with basset hounds may not be for you, but occasional running is good for your dog. Basset hounds running should be restricted only to a backyard run or short sprints in the park. One remarkable thing about this dog is his face when running. You will have so much fun while watching their facial expressions as they run. Basset Hounds running is a very entertaining exercise for you and your dog.

For longer exercise periods it is advisable to take your basset hounds walking rather than running. This is due to their heavy body build and small feet. Always remember that an important part of basset hound exercise is taking some time to rest. Very long walks and long periods of time exercising might put the hound’s legs in jeopardy. These straining walks will put too much pressure on their small legs, which cannot support the solid heavy body of a basset hound making them tire easily.
Other than exercise, owners must keep their basset hounds occupied to prevent them from being lazy. They are often called lazy dogs for they are contented with taking naps at any time of the day. If you have children, then it is good to have a basset hound for they like to play with children. You do not have to worry because this dog breed is very gentle, friendly, and patient with children.

Weight management is also crucial for basset hounds, since this dog breed has a tendency to overeat. Your basset hound’s food intake should always be monitored.

Another form of exercise you and your basset will enjoy is hunting. Basset hound hunting training is necessary for you to enjoy this kind of exercise with your pet. Though these dogs are now considered as house pets rather than hunting companions, the hunting instinct is still in their DNA and there are institutions who specifically support basset hounds as hunting partners.

Basset hound training tips are easy to find as there are a lot of books and resources on dog training sites. But what is more important is that you consider the welfare of your companion and stay patient and persistent in performing physical exercises with them. Exercising your dog means exercising yourself as well. As you perform exercises together, you and your dog reap the benefits of not only getting fit together but also developing a strong, lifelong bond.

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