Let’s Get Down To Business With Some Basset Hound Training Tips!

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

From the desk of Sharda Baker.

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This is Sharda with a Basset Hound training newsletter!

Basset Hound training can prove to be a challenge for some Basset dog owners.

So, today let’s talk about some tips to help you turn that naughty Basset dog into an angel.

Let’s start shall we?

Until your Basset Puppy feels his way around with your family and his surroundings, you can’t expect him to be friendly or happy.

Give him his space and if you find him lonely and withdrawn, believe it’s natural. So, go easy the first few nights.

Never let all the members do all the jobs. Delegate the work so the puppy gets used to the people who look after him.

Your pup is bound to make a home for himself in a quiet place where he can rest and relax. He won’t like dirtying his own home.

This is why you will have to start Basset Hound Training, like crate training as soon as possible. Besides, a crate will help him relax. Keep a toy and some warm blankets and he will soon adjust to his surroundings.

The first few nights he’s with you, he may cry or bark a lot. If you reward him with a treat only to hush him, this might become a habit that you will find difficult to break.

Your Basset Puppy will need a lot of sleep till he is about four months of age. Play with him for some time but if he looks stressed, place him in his crate and let him sleep.

Your puppy will be thrilled with his new place once he stops being lonely. He might be highly energetic. There may be running around, panting and accidents.

If he has not been neutered, he may mark territory, particularly if there are other dogs. You need to be patient.

He may have a few “accidents.” In such cases, keep your cleaning products handy and supervise him carefully. When you can’t watch him, put him in his crate.

A leash is best when he is outside. Otherwise if he runs off after a scent, you’ll be in trouble and needless to say, so will he.

Keep on eye on him even if he is in your yard and it is fenced. Dogs can find a way out easily.

Be a responsible owner. Clip an ID tag on a buckle collar.

Do not pet or caress too much before his training. If you come too close to him, he may bite.

Never let him sleep on your bed or furniture. All these are tough habits to break and you’ll have a hard time once he is as adult. As soon as possible, get a dog license.

Check if you need a rabies certificate. If you have spayed or neutered your puppy, the license fee may be lowered.

Get him used to a routine. Be consistent and be a leader.

Basset Puppies are naturally curious so put dangerous objects, like electrical cords or poisonous plants out of reach. Your favorite possessions or priceless objects need to be protected too.

Put cleaning products out of reach or behind latched doors. Equip cabinet doors with childproof latches. Pets should not room fresheners or pesticides. They could prove toxic.

Don’t give medicine prescribed for human beings.

When your Basset Puppy comes home, take him around the house. Let him walk around the yards and do his potty. Choose a good place and train him to go there every time. Praise him after he’s done.

If he shows an inclination to do it in the house, tug at his leash and release it, say ‘no’ and take him to his spot. Offer a treat immediately afterwards.

Remember to be patient, firm but gentle in dealing with you Basset puppy during Basset Hound training.

Thanks for listening!

All the best and take care.

Sharda Baker