Protect Your Basset Hounds From The Dangers Of Your Own Home!

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From the desk of Sharda Baker.

Hi and Welcome Everyone!

This is Sharda with another Basset Hound newsletter!

Today here are some tips on how to  protect your Basset Hounds from the dangers of your own home!

Basset Hounds, especially the Basset puppies, are very prone to hurting themselves and getting themselves in jeopardy without even knowing it.

It’s up to us, as their owner to guide them and protect them from such.

So how do we do that?

Let’s start by getting ourselves acquainted with possible danger that may affect our Basset Hounds!


Never be too sure that your home is free from posing a threat to your Basset Hound, especially if you intend to leave him alone once in a while.

Your Basset dog is a curious and inquisitive fellow who feels he has a right to know everything about anything.

He will follow a scent; chew on anything that can be chewed thinking it to be food!

Better be careful of the points mentioned below:


The worst possible threat comes from Antifreeze in the garage. The problem is that Antifreeze has a sweet smell that attracts a Basset Hound.

Since it smells so sweet, he assumes that it would taste sweet too, but unfortunately it is lethal. Even less than one tablespoon of anti-freeze could kill a Basset Hound.

If your Basset Hound has ingested Antifreeze, you must give him an antidote within 24 hours or he will die.

Keep the Antifreeze well away from your pet Basset Hound and lock it up. Avoid any spills and if there are any, then clean it up well. See if Antifreeze could be leaking from your car.

Your Basset Hound can pick up the scent in a minute and be there before you know it. Check your car and garage periodically and find out if another kind of less toxic antifreeze is available.


Once in a while, when you celebrate occasions at home such as a dinner party, birthdays or Christmas be careful with your Basset Hound as they could bring danger to him.

The poinsettia gifts that you get and the mistletoe that you hang up on your Christmas tree are enough to poison him.

Then, the glass balls and other tree ornaments on your Christmas tree ornaments are also harmful to him, because if they break accidentally, the shards of glass will injure him.

There could be other small hazards like tinsel, tissue paper, ribbons that your Basset Hound might want to try out.

Also beware of Styrofoam. If your kids are working on craft projects and need to use Styrofoam, make sure they clean it up before your Basset Hound can get anywhere near there.

If he decides to eat it, he won’t be able to digest it and it might get caught in his intestines.

Medicines, too, can harm your Basset Dog, so keep painkillers like Advil, Tylenol and aspirin locked away.

Also remember not to use human medicines on your Basset Hound, as the dosage might be too high for him. Besides, there’s no saying it will be as effective on him as on you.


Your garden is one place both of you are sure to love being in. He will dig the earth, sniff things out and sometimes try to eat anything that looks interesting enough to eat.

They can’t help being greedy for food! So, you need to be very careful in your garden.


Make sure you know what you are planting. Your Basset Dog is bound to dig up some and chew them.

As you select plant bulbs, find out if they are poisonous to animals. You might have planted a poisonous plant or shrub or perhaps used fertilizer that has a hazardous chemical in it.

Some might give him a tummy upset and while yet others might make him sick. Others could endanger him.

Avoid common plants like Buttercups, Irises, Ground Ivy, Poppies and Wisteria, as they are poisonous to eat. If you have a pond and leave your pet to roam around in the garden alone, this could prove harmful for him, in case he drowns in it.


Did you know that the seed from the Black Locust tree is poisonous to both dogs and humans? These seeds are inside large pods and are black and pretty hard.

They fall off the tree and could lie anywhere in the garden. You wouldn’t eat them but your Basset Hound would get curious and have a chew at it.

Don’t let these seeds anywhere near your pet. The seeds of this tree are known to cause vomiting, loss of appetite and neurological effects that can paralyze him.

So, it would be better if you got rid of a Black Locust tree if you have one.

That’s it for today!

I hope that you learned something important in today’s newsletter.

All the best and take care.

Sharda Baker