Easy Border Collie Grooming Tips

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

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Today, learn some easy Border Collie grooming tips!

Since the Border Collie is a working dog, it is important to maintain that appearance both in the ring and in the trial competitions.

So, let’s start tidying them up shall we?


A Border Collie has a natural double coat, consisting of a soft downy like under coat, with a longer, rougher textured outer coat.

The inner coat provides warmth, while the outer coat acts to shed water and snow, as well as to protect the dog in rough landscape and terrain.


Use a good, stiff pin or bristle brush to groom the Border Collie. Again, like with bathing, start with the under hair and move to the outer coat.

Brushing on a regular basis prevents the formation of knots and tangles and makes grooming a more positive event for both the dog and the owner.

Brush in small sections until the coat is tangle free, and then use a paddle brush to smooth down the glossy outer coat.

A good conditioning mist can be used to both detangle and add shine to the Collie dogs’ coat.

Use a wide toothed comb to brush the feathers on the legs, and be very careful when brushing around the ears and face as this is a sensitive area for all dogs.


Collie dogs generally are not clipped for show, and the AKC and KC fault dogs that are overly clipped.

The legs are usually trimmed below the knee and any long hairs on the feet or between the pads are also trimmed.

For those Border Collie dogs that are not being shown, they can often be trimmed in hot climates over the summer months.

This helps keep the coat free from tangles, and prevents skin conditions if the dog is constantly in and out of water as it aids in drying the hair faster.

Never clip the Border Collie down to the undercoat, rather trim the longer outer hairs up to but not beyond the undercoat.

A smooth coated Border Collie will require little clipping, but a rough coat may need a bit of a trim to keep looking in top form.


Most healthy Collie dogs will have few problems with their ears. There are, however, several conditions that can arise with regards to a dog’s ears.

The general symptoms of ear problems with Collie dogs are:

  • Frequent scratching of the ears
  • Repeated and frequent shaking of the head
  • Ears appear red and are sensitive to the touch
  • Tumors or scaly appearing skin in the ears
  • Discharge or foul smell from the ears

Long hairs in the ear may cause irritation and increase itching and redness of the ears. Trim or remove long hairs if this is a problem for your dog.

Avoid using water to clean the dog’s ears.

Not only is water in the ear canal often a cause of the discharge, but also it can lead to the growth of bacteria in the ear canal.

Stop any cleaning activity that appears to be increasing the irritation and immediately see a vet.

A veterinarian should immediately check any dog exhibiting these signs. Often the causes of the symptoms are ear mites, water in the ear, or other conditions that will need specific medical intervention.

The conditions can become very severe and can result in loss of hearing or even death.

That’s it for today!

I hope that you learned a lot from today’s Border Collie newsletter.

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Sharda Baker