Boston Terrier Pug and Other Dog Mixes

boston terrierWith names like Boskimo, Brat and Sharbo it is hard to imagine these Boston terrier crosses ever becoming recognized breeds especially as some breeders care little about the health ramifications of breeding two entirely different dogs together with no thought of the long-term effects.

Hybrid dogs, mixes or crosses such as a Boston Terrier Pug are all unrecognized breeds, the result of two different breed dogs mating. Sometimes this is accidental and sometimes it is deliberate, usually done by breeders, and very often in response to a ‘designer dog’ craze.

What a lot of people don’t realise when buying or breeding two different dogs is that the health issues of each one must be taken into consideration. A Puggle, a beagle and a pug, is known to be a bad mix because of the different builds and personalities of each dog. A beagle is a hunting dog that loves to explore, whilst a pug is a dog with a squashed face and protruding eyes. If a Puggle gets the eyes of a pug and the personality of a beagle you have a curious dog with huge eyes that is constantly going into the undergrowth where sticks, other animals or plants can easily cause a lot of damage to the eyes.

truth about this breed

A Boston terrier pug mix, affectionately known as a ‘Bugg’, uses two very similar looking dogs, but that is not necessarily the best thing either.

Boston terrier pug mix health problems can be even more severe because both breeds have a similar build, squashed faces and weak backs. There is no set health problem list for a Bugg, but they will be susceptible to all health problems from both breeds including:

• Glaucoma
• Cataracts
• Allergies
• ESP (Elongated Soft Palate)
• Hemivertebrae
• Arthritis
• Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (Dry eye)

If you are absolutely sure that you want a Bugg and are looking for Boston terrier pug mix puppies for sale then be aware that puppy farms and irresponsible breeders will churn out puppies as long as there is a demand for them and that there will be no health or history checks meaning that you could end up with a puppy with severe problems.

Guard against this by researching reputable local breeders, talk to your veterinarian and ask on forums. Boston terrier pug mix rescue dogs may come up in homeless shelters and enquiring at your local one is always worth a try, even if they don’t have something straight away they can normally put you on a waiting list.

Boston terriers are lovely, companionable, family friendly dogs who, when crossed responsibly, will make a fantastic pet.

Other Boston terrier crosses include:

• Boston terrier x American Eskimo dog: Boskimo
• Boston terrier x Poodle: Bossi-poo
• Boston terrier x Chihuahua: Boston HuaHua
• Boston terrier x Rat terrier: Brat
• Boston terrier x Miniature Schnauzer: MiniBoz
• Boston terrier x Scottish terrier: Scobo
• Boston terrier x Shar Pei: Sharbo

Just as you would if buying a Boston terrier pug cross look into the personalities and health issues of any crossbreed dog because the offspring could have any of either dog and just because it looks more like one does not mean it will have the same personality.

You may come across the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) when doing research on the Boston terrier pug mix, but be aware that this is nothing like the Kennel Club and is only a list of hybrid dogs that have been crossed enough to gain wider recognition. They do not provide a standard and have no bearing on the dogs or breeders.

If you are considering breeding your Boston terrier with a pug, or any other breed, remember that Bostons usually have a hard time giving birth due to the puppies’ wide heads and a lot of bitches require a C-section to avoid complications.

For more information about the Boston Terrier, check out the highly recommended Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Boston Terrier package today!

truth about this breed

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