Choosing Border Collie Rescue Centers over Reputable Breeders

border collieBorder collies were originally herding dogs but lately, this breed has become very popular for house pets. One of the main reasons why owners opt for this breed is due to their high intelligence and highly trainable characteristics. Aside from that, these dogs are thought of as suitable family pets. An owner usually has the best intentions when one brings home a new member in a family. But recently, the number of Border collies that are being sent to Border Collie Rescue Centers has become very alarming.

Sometimes, owners fail to realize the physical and socio-emotional needs of the Border collie. When the dogs cause some havoc or mischief, the Border collies are then sent without much ado to Border Collie rescue centers.

Most dogs that are sent to Border Collie rescue centers are the young pups that are around one year old. Owners of Border collies that were given up were not fully educated that when their dogs would age, around five years and older, their endless energy takes a curve along with adequate training.

Even with this knowledge, if an owner is still keen in owning a Border collier, the next important question would be either to adopt or buy one. The abundance of Border Collie Rescue Centers makes adoption of this breed very accessible to prospective owners. At the same time, there are also many reputable Border collie breeders that have Border collies for sale and their advertisements can be found in your local magazines and online dog forums.

With reputable breeders, an owner is assured that the collie dogs for sale are bred pure and certified. At the same time, you will have full knowledge about the temperament, background, and pedigree of the dog from a first-hand source.

The downfall of buying a Border collie from a breeder is that they may cost huge amounts as the breeder has invested much of his time, as well as money with the pup. Vaccination expenses can add significantly to the initial expense, as well as any training that has been given to the pup.

Border Collie Rescue Centers always have open doors for those who want to add a Border collie to their family. Adopting is a great way of giving a new chance to a dog to have a new and better life.

Another good thing about adopting dogs is that the health of the dog has been scrutinized by the rescue centers; from the first vaccination shots to the latest shots. The center ensures that the dogs for adoption are in tip-top condition. Usually, dogs in the adoption centers have been trained (e.g. house trained) and this means lesser problem to new owners.

Adopting also entails lesser cost as owners need to pay minimal fees that go with the adopting process. However it is difficult to trace the ancestry of these dogs and owners are usually unsure of any ailments their adopted dogs might have, or their temperament and disposition.

Adopted dogs have more evident physical limitations than those bought from breeders. With breeders, these limitations are weeded out from the genetic pool. However it doesn’t mean that adopted dogs are any less capable of making good family pets and working dogs, provided you are careful with and knowledgeable about your selection.

Adopted dogs may not be at the top of the line perhaps due to the genetic structure but they can still fully function with the same capabilities as their breed counterpart. For instance, there are Border collie mixes in rescue centers that still possess the same herding instincts as their purebred counterpart which is necessary when the dog is intended to be a working dog. However, the difference between the two may be that the Border collie mix has a smoothened energy reserve.

The decision to buy from breeders or adopt from Border Collie Rescue Centers still hinges on the owner after careful consideration and thorough planning. What is important is that the dog that will be added to the family should live a better life ahead, and become a much loved and well trained family member for many years.

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