Preparing For A Boston Terrier Puppy

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Hi and Welcome Everyone!

This is Sharda with Boston Terrier newsletter!

Today, we will be talking about the preparations you will have to make in welcoming your new Boston Terrier puppy.

Let’s start shall we!

BOSTON TERRIER PUPPY ARRIVAL – Preparing for a Boston Terrier Puppy:

Before setting out to bring home you Boston Terrier puppy, take a small carton with you in which to place your precious Boston Terrier.

If you bring him home in cold weather, remember to line the carton with a thick folded newspaper, leaving air holes at the top.

Top this up with shredded newspaper. Carry the pup in this box, whether you drive him home or come home by train or subway.

After all, if he gets nervous or sick while travelling, it will still be easier to clean his box rather than your clothes.

Make your Boston Terrier Puppies’ bed before you go to fetch him. You could either use an old wooden chair whose back and legs are sawn off by about three inches in length.

Alternatively, you could use a new dog bed bought at a store.

A third option could be a bed made out of a box or crate with three high sides, an open front, and raised above the floor with the help of small legs or castors.

For a mattress, use one newly bought from a pet shop or some part of an old rug, folded several times over, or a whole lot of shredded newspaper.

Whatever you choose, be careful to see that your Boston Terrier doesn’t chew it in nervousness or excitement.

To keep fleas at bay, fill up a burlap sack with cedar shavings. It will also keep your Boston Terrier pet smelling fresh.

Whether you use a mattress or blanket for your pet, air it out twice a week. The mattress will keep him from catching a cold and also keep his hair from being worm off the back of his legs.

If you keep him sleeping on bare wood, this is bound to happen.

What’s the best place for your little Boston Terrier? The first thing you must consider is the draft—you need to place his bed far away from the draft.

So, don’t set up his bed in the basement, or at the top of the stairs or next to a radiator.

Instead, if you have a large kitchen, a secluded corner of it is good enough.

At the site of his bed, make sure there isn’t any roach or rat poison or anywhere near where he can reach out and take some.

Make absolutely sure that the garbage can isn’t near the pup so that he doesn’t climb into it.

Once you’ve got his bed’s specific location right, you need to fence off a small part of it where you can conveniently place his drinking water bowl.

This should continue until your Boston Terrier is completely housebroken.

With his bed and water bowl laid out correctly, now spread newspapers all over the floor to serve as his temporary toilet.

Give him a short name. If you teach him his name correctly, he will learn it in a couple of days. Let any one person in the family teach him his name.

Reinforce it as many times as you can so that it registers in his mind.

When he comes to you, reward him with a biscuit, fuss over him, call him by name every time you praise or reward him or each time you scold him.

That’s it for today.

I hope that you learned a lot from today’s Boston Terrier newsletter.

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