Cocker Spaniel Puppy Needs And Supplies

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Good day and welcome everyone!

This is Sharda with another Cocker Spaniel newsletter.

Today, we will be talking about the Cocker Spaniel needs and supplies you must for your beloved new pet!

Let’s start shall we?

The General Supply Pen

Whether a Spaniel dog is primarily a house dog or an outside dog, there are a few general supplies you will need.


If you have a Spaniel puppy, you need puppy-size bowls. While it is tempting to just go ahead and get adult bowls now, this is particularly important for a Cocker Spaniel.

Remember those big ears?

You don’t want them falling into food and picking up or dropping debris. You will find bowls in stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. If you choose ceramic you must ensure that they are not made with a lead-based glaze.

A collar

Collars most commonly come in leather, nylon, or metal chain. A Cocker Spaniel isn’t likely to be a wild brute in need of a metal or choker style, so a quality leather or nylon one should be fine.

You may wish to buy a slide adjustable or slip ring collar to get through the initial growing spurt so you don’t have to keep buying collars until the Spaniel puppy becomes an adult.

A lead or leash

Available in the same materials as a collar, you again might choose leather or nylon. Just be on the lookout for wear and tear.

You might also select a retractable leash, which is great for walks and play in public places where you may need to rein your Cocker Spaniel in from contact with other people or animals.

There is also a training lead.

ID Tags

Even if your Spaniel dog is microchipped you should have an ID tag on the collar. If lost, most people will not think to (or care to) have the dog checked for a microchip, so unless he winds up in the hands of a shelter, the good old fashioned ID tag is still a necessity.

Available in metal or plastic each has its pros and cons. Metal tags can be annoying when they clink against a license or rabies tag or metal parts of the collar; they can also be hard to read.

The text on plastic can wear away easily. You won’t have a lot of space so putting all of your phone numbers may be the best option.

It’s a sad but true reality that putting your home address on the tag can make you vulnerable.

The more paranoid suggest you not even put your dog’s name on the tag as an unscrupulous person can call the Spaniel puppy by name and no one will know it’s not theirs.

They are available in many large pet stores instantly via digital engraving machines for about $7.95 US.

You can also order them online in varying shapes, colors, sizes and materials.

A great alternative is the digital ID that can store up to 40 lines of text. For about $40 US this tag can include all pertinent info plus any health issues your dog may have.

It can be updated dynamically when you travel or need to update contact information. The digital display is easy to read and is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

How cool is that?!

Grooming supplies

You will of course need a good doggie shampoo, a brush and perhaps (but hopefully not), a flea comb. A toenail trimmer is also a good idea, especially if your Spaniel puppy won’t have much opportunity to naturally wear down his nails.

Spaniel puppy- or dog-safe chew toys

Cocker Spaniel puppies will need small, sturdy toys that can withstand sharp little teeth. Perhaps it’s from their hunting roots and scaring up booty but Cocker Spaniels really seem to love toys.

Cockers are quite crafty with their toys and have been known to intentionally “lose” them in anticipation of a receiving a fascinating replacement.

The more the merrier—and the Cocker Spaniel is a merry dog, remember?

Just like TV for kids, toys provide a distraction when you may not be able to pay as much attention. And unlike most TV for kids, they provide both physical and mental stimulation.


Walk the many aisles of a well-stocked pet store and you will find a multitude of things you didn’t know you needed, or that your Spaniel dog wanted.

Experiment with things that interest you, just make sure they are age and size appropriate.

I hope that you learned a lot from today’s Cocker Spaniel newsletter

All the best and take care

Sharda Baker