Is Cocker Spaniel The Right Dog For You?

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Good day and welcome everyone!

This is Sharda with another Cocker Spaniel newsletter.

So, is the Cocker Spaniel the right dog for you & your family?

Don’t worry because we will be answering that you question today.

Let’s start shall we?

The decision to make any dog a part of your family should not be taken lightly.

While we don’t have much leverage to choose the human members of our family, this is a perfect opportunity to pick one family member we don’t mind sharing nightly meals with.

When considering the type of Spaniel dog to bring home, you must first assess why you want a dog.

Is it for companionship for you?

For another dog?

Is it for protection and security?

People often select a particular dog for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe they chose a large breed because they wanted something that looked impressive and imposing—without giving consideration to the food budget or required living space.
Maybe they chose a small dog thinking it would fit their small apartment but didn’t consider that the little tike might not appreciate sitting in a 23rd story window all day and as a result showed his disdain by eating a favourite pair of shoes and using your potted fern to relieve himself.

Or worse yet, perhaps they gave the decision no thought at all and simply picked the cutest, most outgoing of the bunch. Now of course you can make hasty decisions and still wind up with an absolutely great dog, but it never hurts to increase your odds with just a bit of planning.

First, you have to determine if you have the time, space, budget and lifestyle necessary to train and cohabitate with a dog.

Not every lifestyle or living situation is beneficial to a dog and the Cocker Spaniel in particular may require more attention than you can spare.

When assessing your desires, be honest with yourself and think about your lifestyle and the needs of the Cocker Spaniel or any other breed you may be considering.

In the long run, it will work out best for both of you.

The Cocker Spaniel’s history as a hunting dog makes him a naturally stable companion. It also means he has the innate need to remain in peak physical condition. Underneath all that dense hair is a muscular body that needs to be exercised regularly.

On the other hand, the Spaniel dog’s small size makes it adaptable to most any living environment as long as there is ample room to play.

Considerations Specific to the Cocker Spaniel

Before you buy, consider the following:

  1. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment—the dog’s life, not yours. A well-kept Cocker Spaniel can live for 12 or more years.
  2. Although intelligent, the Cocker Spaniel needs diligent training and patience. The training regimen must be strict but with gentle admonition.
  3. Weekly, if not daily grooming is necessary to keep the long, dense hair tangle-free. And the more time spent outside running through woods, the more grooming will be required.
  4. The Spaniel dog requires regular exercise. If you don’t have a fence yard in which she can roam and sniff freely you’ll need to take her for regular walks.
  5. Regular living and unexpected expenses such as food bowls, vaccinations, licensing fees and emergency vet visits can add up.

You’ve made it to this point without being daunted and you’re still certain that the Cocker Spaniel is right for you. Congratulations! But your decisions aren’t complete just yet.

Now you must consider more specifics and decide whether you want a puppy or adult dog; male or female.

I hope that you learned a lot from today’s Cocker Spaniel newsletter

All the best and take care

Sharda Baker