Dog Hyperactivity – Causes And Tips On How To Handle It

Dog HyperactivityDog hyperactivity is something you probably won’t think about until you have a dog displaying this kind of behavior. Dogs are well known for their energy, endurance and stamina but dog hyperactivity goes well beyond this and can result in your home being destroyed, excessive pulling on the lead and a manic and uncontrollable pet.

There has never been an ‘ADHD’ diagnosis for dogs although there have been stories of dogs suffering with insatiable energy, but there is a lot of controversy about whether this is something at fault in the dog’s genes or whether the owner is to blame.

If you have a canine that suffers from dog hyperactivity then the very worst thing for you to do is just accept it. Whether you are able to handle your dog or not you should consult a professional dog training facility. If you don’t believe your dog can focus in a class environment then look into one-on-one training, maybe starting off in your own home so you don’t excite the dog any further.

Anyone with a dog training certification should not give up on you as a ‘hopeless case’ as has been reported in the past. If your trainer is having trouble then look at your own behaviour. Are you really prepared to put in the hard work? You’re paying for this so make sure you get every penny’s worth by asking questions, drawing up training programs and making sure you understand everything your trainer is saying to you.

If your dog is manageable and you don’t feel the need for extensive personal training, look up online dog training tutorials. A lot of positive e-books and videos are out there that may be able to help you. Make sure you research the trainer in the video though – you want someone who is experienced and properly accredited.

If you do decide to look at online training, then you may come across people who promote the use of training collars for dogs. No matter what the professional in the video is saying look closely at these so-called training aids. Prong and pinch collars are lethal, revolting looking things that do not train your dog. This is not positive reinforcement it is moderating dog behavior by causing pain. They should never be used and any trainer that tells you otherwise should be ditched as soon as possible.

Whilst there may be dog training secrets that you have to discover to calm your dog hyperactivity in your pet, the answer could lie in his food bowl. Are you feeding him that well-advertised, brightly colored, food that he seems to love? Have you checked out the ingredients and seen the amount of colorants and e-numbers it contains? Just like with a child, dog hyperactivity can result from unhealthy food and treats. Before taking any drastic steps have a look at what you’re feeding him and see if the solution could be as simple as buying a different dog food.

Once you have got your hyperactive dogs to calm down, either with training, extra exercise or changing their diet you could look into other activities for them such as agility, flyball, hurdles, attack dog training and even (if they have come on leaps and bounds!) as a Pets As Therapy Dog for ill and elderly patients.

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