Dog Obedience Training – Fun Dog Tricks

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Every dog needs to know some fun tricks! Here are a few that will keep him—and his audience—entertained!


Start with your dog facing you.

Take a treat and lead his nose to the right and around your body, slowly.

He will follow the treat behind your back and to the front.

Once he has completed the full circle, praise him and give him a treat.

After he does several successful circles, add the word “circle” right when you begin to move the treat around your body.


Begin by giving your dog the “down” command so he lying all the way down on the floor.

Hold a treat in front of his nose and pull it back towards you.

You will probably need to take a few steps back.

As he is inching towards you, praise him and give him a treat.

After he has done this several times without standing up, add the word “crawl” as you begin to move the treat away from his nose.


Begin by holding your dog on the ground and show him the ball. Toss the ball a few feet in front of you. If he doesn’t run to get the ball himself, toss it again but this time run with him.

Once he starts to return it to you every time, start adding the word “fetch.” Of course, praise him and reward him every time he brings you the ball.

Once your dog gets skilled at “fetch,” you can teach him to fetch certain objects such as a newspaper, slippers, etc.


This is an easy trick, especially if your dog loves to lick your face! Whenever he licks your face, say “give me a kiss.” Praise him and reward him.


Start by giving the “down” command. Once he is on his tummy, gently roll his body so he is lying on his side. Hold his head and body in place for a few seconds.

Then, say “ok” and let him stand up to get his reward. After he does this successfully several times, start adding the words “play dead” as you roll him on his side.


Begin by giving the “down” command. Once your dog is on his tummy, kneel down beside him, holding a treat above his nose. Once he is staring at the treat, move it around and behind his head.

He will follow you by lying on his side and then he will roll over completely. Praise him and reward him with the treat. Once he has this trick mastered, start adding the words “roll over” as you move the treat behind his head.


First, give your dog the “sit” command. Then, grab his paw with your hand and hold it for a few seconds. Then praise him and give him a treat. Once he starts to do this regularly, add the word “shake.” Eventually he will be able to do it without you grabbing his paw.