How Much Is A Pekingese Dog?

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How much is a Pekingese Dog?

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As with all breeds of dogs, there are several factors that influence the cost of a Pekingese. They include:

  • Quality of the bloodline
  • Reputation of the breeder
  • Show quality versus pet quality
  • Purchase from a Pekingese breeder, pet store or dog rescue

Since Pekingese can be prone to some health conditions, it is important to understand the bloodline and heritage of the puppy or dog you are purchasing, as well as have a good health guarantee from the breeder.

Purchasing from a pet store can cause issues, in that most puppies in pet stores are from “puppy mills”. These breeders simply breed to produce dogs for sale, with little regard for health concerns, genetic conditions, or upholding the standards of the breed.

These are not considered reputable breeders, and while the puppies may be registered, they will usually not be of champion bloodlines. These puppies are good for pet quality animals, but there is an increased risk for genetic diseases and other concerns.

Most pet stores offer a very limited health guarantee if any. This is a concern for a buyer, as many of these conditions will not be evident until the dog reaches maturity.

Pet store prices are usually between one hundred to two hundred dollars less than buying from a breeder. The puppies are often handled excessively in pet stores, and may be exposed to many different diseases, both through contact with humans and the other animals in the store. Caution should be used when buying a Pekingese through a pet store.

Reputable breeders are the best routes to go when purchasing a Pekingese. They will be able to discuss any health concerns to watch for, as well as offering advice on training, veterinarians, and socialization.

A good breeder will insure that the puppy is kept with the littermates until puppy socialization is completed, and they will limit the amount of contact that the puppy has had with humans and other animals.

They will make sure that all contact has been positive and beneficial to the puppy.

In the United Kingdom, purebred show quality Pekingese puppies range from 500 GPB to several thousand pounds. An adult dog that has already been proven in the show ring will be considerably more expensive than that.

A puppy that is to be neutered and spayed and used as a companion dog will be closer to 300 GBP’s, and an adult companion dog can be approximately the same price. Many breeders will give consideration to the age of the dog, and the home that you are able to provide.

Prices in the United States and Canada are comparable to that of the prices in the United Kingdom. A show quality Pekingese will cost from $400 to several thousand dollars. Many breeders in Canada and the United States require that the purchaser agree to spay and neuter the dog, unless the breeder has agreed otherwise.

Rescue centres for Pekingese are organized by the local breed clubs in most areas. They are a very good source for already trained adult and younger Pekingese dogs.

The average cost at a rescue centre to adopt a Pekingese is between $75.00 and $150.00. This money is used to pay for the cost of feed, veterinary bills, spaying and neutering and caring for the animal.

The benefit of going through a rescue centre is that you can spend a bit of time with the Pekingese, and make sure that you are compatible. They are also usually housetrained and ready to take home and begin their new life with you.

There are also socialization opportunities at rescue centres, and the workers will have insight into the Pekingese’s temperament and ability to adjust.

Many of the rescue centres are looking for volunteers and temporary homes for Pekingese, and you may decide to become active in this worthwhile charity.

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