Reputable Basset Hound Breeders

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From the desk of Sharda Baker.

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This is Sharda with a Basset Hound breeder newsletter!

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Deciding on a Basset Hound is the easy part. The tough part is getting one.

How on earth do you locate reputable Basset Hound Breeders?

And how can you make sure the Basset Puppy you pick is a healthy one?

First, get in touch with the Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA). It can help you by giving you the names of breeders in your area.

Next, observe them at a dog show. You can find out about dog shows from the AKC who can provide you with information about such shows.

At the breeder’s, ask as many questions as possible.

A responsible Basset Hound Breeder will only be too happy to answer them. What’s more, he will have a few questions for you too.

After all, if he is a good breeder, he will not want the new owner to be an irresponsible owner.



A responsible breeder does not breed just because he has a female and has decided to experiment. Or perhaps his female just gave birth to a litter and he needs to sell them as soon as possible.

On the contrary, he is one who has had both the parents tested medically and after getting them certified as healthy, has gone ahead with his breeding program. He is interested in improving the breed and conforming to the standard.

A good and responsible breeder breeds not just for a dog’s looks but also makes sure that the dog’s health and temperament are fine.

He will be more concerned about the dog getting into a good home rather than just selling a Basset Puppy to you.


He will make sure that both the parents have good temperaments. He will not use parents with traces of aggression, nervousness or shyness.


A responsible breeder should impress you with his knowledge. He should tell you everything about the Basset Hound.


You will usually find a good breeder selling puppies from his home. He would never think of passing them on to a pet shop.


He will be involved in a lot of activities like dog shows, rescue organizations, obedience training centres and so on.


He will be happy to give you a list of other good breeders, not just customers.

Finally, if you do return the puppy, he will be happy to take the pet back.

He should give you a spay/neuter contract and a guarantee that he will take the dog back you feel like giving the pup back.


  • Have you always bred Basset Hounds? (The usual period is 3-4 years.)
  • What kind of temperament does the dog have? (Purebreds have certain fixed traits and temperament is one of them.)
  • Who is the vet?
  • Do you microchip your puppies?
  • Are you interested in competitions and titles for your breeding stock?
  • What kind of environment does a Basset Hound need?
  • Are you a member of The Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA)? Or a regional Basset Hound breed club? (BHCA has a code of ethics for breeders).
  • What health problems could a Basset Hound have? (There are some diseases peculiar to every pure breed).
  • Is there a written contract and a guarantee?

That’s it for today!

I really hope that you learned a lot from today’s Basset Hound breeder newsletter.

Remember to choose wisely and to ask a LOT of question.

Until then!

All the best and take care.

Sharda Baker