Choosing The Best Dog Food

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

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As a pet owner, it is only natural that you want the best for your dog.

That includes the quality of food that he eats.

The process of choosing quality dog food can be difficult for most people.

In fact, it can actually be quite exhausting.

Take a stroll down any pet food aisle and you will readily concur that there are so many options, each promising different things, that it is difficult to know which one will offer your dog the most benefits

Would you agree?
One of the reasons it can be so difficult to choose the best dog foods is the fact that pet food manufacturers have easily recognized what a big industry pet food products represent.

Therefore, a tremendous amount of marketing has gone into the industry.

This makes it all the more confusing.

In addition, pet manufacturers spend a large amount of energy on producing different types of products. Not only must you choose between different brands, but you must also choose among different types of pet food products, including dry, canned and semi-moist foods.

As if that were not enough, there are also many food products that are highly targeted, such as gourmet foods, premium foods and senior foods.

Despite all of the confusion, it is imperative to choose the healthiest food possible for your pet. As humans, we all understand the importance of eating healthy foods.

When we eat healthy foods, we feel better. Our bodies function better. We have higher levels of energy. We are able to avoid many types of illnesses and diseases.

The same is true for your beloved four-legged friend. While our dogs do not necessarily need the same types of health foods we do in order to enjoy optimal health, they do need healthy food in order to function and feel their best as well as enjoy a long and healthy life.

Dogs that are fed unhealthy diets frequently experience a number of health problems. In addition, they frequently do not have the same levels of energy as dogs that enjoy a healthy diet. That it can result in additional problems, such as obesity.

As a result, animals that are not given healthy dog food may not be able to experience as long of a lifespan as dogs who eat a healthy diet.

When choosing a healthy food for your dog, it is important to understand that there is a vast difference between the different types of dog foods available.

Not only is there a big difference between the different brands but there is also actually a difference present between canned food and dry food. Other feeding options include table scraps and homemade foods.

The differences between all of these foods should be understood when choosing the best, healthiest good dog food.

Perhaps some of the unhealthiest foods that can be given to dogs are certain table scraps. Unfortunately, many pet owners indulge their pets by giving them table scraps.

They do this either as a special treat or give scraps to their dos as their primary source of nutrition.

This can be a dangerous error in some instances.

Many of the foods that we enjoy can actually be unhealthy and even dangerous for our dogs, resulting in health problems and a shorter life span. Even in the case of foods that are not dangerous, problems can rise.

For example, feeding your dog table scraps may result in the dog becoming a fussy, temperamental eater. Dogs that are routinely fed table scraps frequently develop an aversion to their regular, healthy food. As a result they may become malnourished.

Not all tinned food has the correct level of nutrients that dogs need to feel their best and be at their healthiest. Like humans, dogs need specific nutrients in order to be at their peak.

Dry food, sometimes known as kibble, typically contains all of the nutrients that a dog needs in order to be healthy.

But again, there are vast differences between different brands.

I hope you learned a lot from today’s dog food newsletter.

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