Dog Food Choices – Are You Slowly Killing Your Beloved Pet?

dog dangersWhen choosing a dog food it can be very tempting to go for the brands that you see advertised everywhere. Not only do they have eye catching adverts and memorable commercials but they are affordable as well.

It is really important when looking at a potential food to thoroughly read the ingredients. The small brightly colored chunks of food may seem pleasing to us but that is all they are. The dog has no understanding of an attractive design, they are only interested on how it tastes and if it makes them feel good.

To buy dog food don’t just head down to your local store, research different brands and makes on the Internet first. If you ask your vet or breeder what is the best dog food, ensure that you still follow up with some research of your own. Just because they feed their dogs a certain food does not mean it is going to be right for your dog.

Foods like Acana and Canidae are really good examples of products that you might not have heard of but are actually so much better for your dog then something like Bakers or Pedigree.
The latter dog foods offer little in the way of nutritional value and can do a lot more harm to your dog than good.

They often contain things like corn, a cause of ear infections, wheat, a very common allergy in dogs that most owners are unaware of, gluten, found in wheat and is the same, as it is a huge source of allergy and something that is not natural for a dog to eat.

Really, really cheap dog food has, in the past, also been found to contain things like some paint stripper ingredients, cardboard and other harmful materials and chemicals. It is best to avoid the ‘budget’ brands entirely because they can actually prove lethal to dogs.

Canidae dog food contains human grade food – meaning no chopped up horns and bones in this! It is an all-natural holistic food that aids digestion and does not contain any wheat, corn or gluten.

Acana dog food is family owned and specializes in ensuring the best quality product is delivered. It swaps grains for fruit and vegetables, contains high protein and they ensure 4 out of their 5 top ingredients are meat based.

Although it is all very well to talk about high quality food and its benefits it won’t change the fact that you are going to be paying more for brands like those listed above against the ones that pop up on TV every day.

However the ingredients in these higher priced brands are generally so much better for your dog and may save you money in the long run as they are unlikely to cause any side effects and nasty allergies. It is advisable to research the brands you can afford and search for dog food coupons online, look out for money saving deals and normally if you order in bulk you can save a lot of money in the long run.

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