Dog Nail Clipping – A Do It Yourself Guide

dog groomingFor some owners dog nail clipping can be as painless as feeding their dog dinner. For others it can be a battle to get anywhere near their dog’s paws.

There is no telling whether your dog will be one of these nervous types, whether they will sit patiently whilst you clip their claws or whether they will ever even need their nails cutting.

Dogs that walk constantly on concrete surfaces will naturally wear their nails down and some have claws that naturally replace themselves and shed off the dead keratin, meaning that they will never have to endure the pet clippers.

Anyone who needs to get their dog’s nails cut has three options to consider. They can take their pet to the groomers, to the vets or do the dog nail clipping at home.

At the grooming salon the professionals will use the same dog clippers as you can buy from a store or the Internet.

Along with your normal dog grooming equipment of brushes, combs and shampoos you will need something to stop bleeding should you accidently nip the quick during dog nail clipping. Iodine works really well for this. A well made pair of dog grooming clippers is also an essential as you don’t want them to break or cause the dog any pain.

There are two different types of dog nail clippers available. The guillotine style is suitable for small dogs up the large breeds although they work much better on softer nails. They are unsuitable for nails that grow around towards the pad, as they can be difficult to manoeuvre into trimming position. They are also not as well manufactured.

The scissor style comes in straight or curved blade styles and is the heavier duty, easier to use of the two. They allow the easy dog nail clipping of overgrown nails, small nails and also work well on larger breed’s harder nails.

To cut a pet’s nails at home just follow this step-by-step guide. If unsure don’t hesitate to take your dog to a pet spa where they will be happy to help.

Step One: Position your dog. Depending on your dog’s nervousness then this can vary from them sitting patiently to laying down on the floor, table or sofa. If your dog struggles try muzzling or blindfolding them as this can calm them down. If you need to restrain them during the procedure then lay them down with their back to your front and their paws pointing away from you. Place your forearm on their neck, be careful not to hurt them, but don’t be afraid to apply some pressure if they struggle.

Step Two: Identify what claws need trimming. Are there only a few or are they all in need of a good trim?

Step Three: If your dog has clear nails look for the quick. It will be a black flash through the nail and you want to avoid cutting this as much as possible as this will hurt and distress the dog. If the dog has black nails then you will have to estimate where you believe the quick will be. Do not cut too far up during dog nail clipping as the quick will never be too far away from the end of the nail.

Step Four: Place the clippers securely around the nail and press down hard. It is difficult but try not to hesitate as the dog will instantly pick this up. It is essential that you clip the nail as quickly as possible with the least amount of time spent applying pressure, as this is what really worries the dog.

Step Five: Apply Iodine if needed and praise your dog lots. Give him treats, feed him his dinner, play with him or take him for a walk.

Some dogs that are uncontrollably nervous may be provided a sedative by the vets that can be given with food. This will relax the dog and keep them from hyperventilating, biting or using their bladder during dog nail clipping.

If you believe your dog falls into this category then the best thing to do is take them to see a vet as soon as possible. Dogs that need their nails trimmed, but are too nervous to let their owners do it, run the risk of having their nails growing round into their pads causing painful paws and a higher risk of infection.

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