Professional Dog Grooming or Home Grooming?

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Monday, February 24, 2014

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Dog grooming is effectively the cleaning of a dog. It should be performed on a regular basis but may be done for various purposes.

For example, show dogs are groomed to have a certain look that is designed specifically to ensure that they get as much attention as possible and thus a better result for individual shows.

Most dogs are only groomed for their own health and hygiene though.

Either way, there are two people that can groom your dog – you or a professional dog groomer.

A professional dog groomer is obviously an individual that is experienced in grooming dogs and an expert to the point at which he or she can make a very good living as a result of that.

A professional dog groomer may have a shop from which he or she works but many actually go to the dogs these days.

It is easy to find reputable and experienced dog groomers out there at the moment thanks to the Internet. Many groomers offer their services online and are available at a reasonable rate. The Internet will also provide you with reviews from customers so you can decide for yourself whether or not you wish to hire them.

However, before you make that decision you need to ask yourself one question – do you want a professional to groom your dog for you or do you want to do it yourself?

Before you make a decision as to who you want to groom your dog, be sure to read the information below and make an educated decision on the basis of the similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages of each option.

After all, this is your dog you need to put in someone else’s hands for a while so you have to decide on the basis of that as much as anything else.

Professional groomers can provide you with the following advantages when it comes to grooming your beloved dog:

Fully Qualified Grooming – All of the best professional dog groomers are fully qualified in a number of areas and should have various certificates to prove it. They should undertake training in order to practice so that they can provide the best services of the highest quality.

Of course, you will not have those qualifications but some dog trainers do offer short courses to help you out. Obviously, professionals will have undertaken more training and that could give you better peace of mind.

A Flat Expense – If you undertake grooming yourself then you will have to pay for shampoos, brushes and so on. However, if you choose to go to a professional dog groomer then the likelihood is that you will have to pay a flat fee for the services and will know exactly where you stand financially, which always helps!

Experience With All Breeds – Certain breeds are renowned for being difficult when it comes to grooming. Various dogs of all breeds can object to it as well. No matter what breed your dog is, you can guarantee that experienced dog groomers have seen it all before and have techniques for putting dogs at ease.

Furthermore, they have likely experienced all the bad reactions around from biting to howling to scratching. As such, they may be better placed to handle difficult dogs than the owners.

Able To Put Your Dog At Ease – Experienced professional dog groomers have a range of techniques at their disposal that allow them to put all dogs at ease. It may be that they have a soothing nature or a few toys up their sleeves. Either way, they can make a dog feel really comfortable and thus make it much easier to groom them.

However, in spite of all of the above advantages, there are some major disadvantages to hiring someone to groom your dog for you, some of which are outlined below:

Grooming Can Be Expensive – It can cost you a lot more to have your dog groomed than you may be prepared to pay or at least able to afford. Many households do struggle to find extra cash so expenses like grooming may be too much, especially when you can do it yourself with a little bit of effort.

The basics do not cost as much to begin with as a professional groomer does and with a little practice your dog can look just as good if you do it.

May Use Tranquilizers – Some professional groomers actually use tranquilizers to calm dogs down and this may not be what you want for your dog. Tranquilizers should not be given to any dog unless prescribed and they can have nasty side effects, such as seizures, heatstroke or hypothermia.

You would probably not use them on your own dog unless prescribed so a groomer should not either.

Unqualified Groomers Are Around – For every fully qualified groomer out there, there are more unqualified but practicing professional dog groomers. As such, you do have to make sure that you get the former and not the latter.

This can be difficult because so many of the unqualified are great at implying that they are and fool owners every day. As such, it is worth asking your vet for a recommendation or double checking the qualifications but never leave it to chance.

Can Be Difficult To Find One You Are Comfortable With – Dog owners do not often feel comfortable leaving their dogs with strangers and this may apply to you, especially when you do not know how those strangers will treat your dog.

If this is the case then you have to ask yourself whether the stress is actually worth it because it can be a huge weight that you take on against your own peace of mind.

Grooming your dog yourself at home has more advantages than hiring a professional dog groomer does and some of the main ones are outlined below for you:

You Can Control The Environment – If you groom your dog then you will be doing so at home in a comfortable environment that your dog feels at home in. You can therefore control the way that he or she feels by using the safety and comfort of the environment.

You can control the grooming experience as well so if your dog does not respond well to something the first time then you can introduce it slowly. A professional groomer will not necessarily do that because they will be intent on providing exactly what you asked for.

Enhancing Bonding – This is the main advantage of grooming your dog yourself. You can actively look to form a bond with your dog that goes above and beyond any other bond. The close personal attention that your dog gets does not come in any other form and the shared experience can really make you feel a connection to your dog that is founded on that.

It Is Cheaper – It can be much cheaper to groom your dog yourself because you are paying for the equipment, time and effort of a professional dog groomer and yet will only pay for the former if you are doing it yourself. This can be a major expense saver that comes with so many other benefits that it really is value for money.

The Familiar Environment – This point is slightly different to the first advantage because it relates to your dog rather than you. He or she will be used to the surroundings, smells and, most of all, the person doing the grooming.

As such, your dog may be less likely to cause trouble or get distressed than if a complete stranger did it. Your dog will probably enjoy the comfort combined with the personal attention but you have to ensure that you are the boss otherwise that comfort could descend into chaos!

You Notice Any Changes – This is another major advantage. You know your dog and will come to learn the layout and contours of your dog’s body as you groom him or her as well as fussing him or her on a daily basis. As such, you will be able to notice any bodily changes, such as lumps, bumps, irritable areas, red areas and anything else that may be of concern.

If your professional dog groomer only spends an hour with your dog once every couple of months then they will not notice the changes. They see a lot of dogs and will not be able to memorize your dog’s body as you will. This is a major way in which grooming can help with canine health so make the most of it.

There are a few disadvantages as well:

Have To Buy The Tools – The tools for grooming your dog do cost a bit to start with so there is an initial outlay. There are also ongoing costs that may be more or less depending on exactly what you need, what breed of dog you have and the wear and tear on your grooming tools.

You have no way of knowing what your costs will be but here is a tip if you do decide to go for home grooming invest in quality tools because they will last you longer and save you money in the long term. They are worth every penny.

Easy To Make Excuses – The main pitfall of home grooming is this point and it can derail your plans to groom your dog at home. Owners are very concerned with their dogs’ moods and if they object too strenuously to being groomed then it is easy to make excuses and not continue.

If your dog sees you hesitate then he or she will register that and take full advantage of your own ambivalence

As such, he or she is likely to play up again as and when you do something that does not meet doggy approval. This can of course leader to bigger behavioural issues and even undermines your authority. As such, you cannot give in and make excuses. Grooming has to be done and neglecting to do it is no way to move forwards.

No Qualifications – You can take short courses I grooming and this book will tell you everything you need to know about dog grooming but professionals have years of experience behind them and are experts in the field. As such, you may feel more comfort having someone else do it.

As you can see, many of the advantages and disadvantages double up as an advantage for one and disadvantage for the other and vice versa but this information is most definitely worth stressing.

Your decision to groom your dog yourself or get a professional to do so actively impacts upon your dog’s happiness. It is worth taking the time to think long and hard about it all.

If you have any lingering questions about whether or not you should groom your own dog then read all of the available information in this book so that you have the full facts before you make up your mind. Any lingering issues should then be addressed with a veterinarian or professional groomer if you cannot find an answer here.

I hope you learned a lot from today’s dog grooming newsletter.

Sharda Baker