How Much Does Lhasa Apso Cost?

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So how much does a Lhasa Apso cost?

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After you have made the decision to purchase a Lhasa Apso it is important to consider the amount that you would like to spend.

The cost of a Lhasa Apso will vary from country to country and from breeder to breeder.

In addition there may be options to purchase a dog from a Lhasa Apso Rescue or from a local animal shelter.


When purchasing from a Lhasa Apso breeder, it is important to do a bit of research and find out about the different championship lines or history of the line that your breeder uses.

This is important to check for health and temperament, as well as to know if your line is a good breeding line, if you plan to show the dog.

Remember also that championship lines may not be as important if you plan to have your Lhasa Apso as a pet, and you do not intend to show or breed the dog.

In the USA

In the United States a purebred Lhasa Apso puppy will cost between $200.00 and $600.00 (USD). This is a wide range, but the better the breeding and show potential, the higher the price.

The average price for a female puppy is $400.00 and the average for a male is $350.00. An adult dog that is a proven breeder can be much more expensive, and often they are not offered for sale but might fetch up to $10,000!

In the UK

In the United Kingdom, Lhasa Apso puppies will cost between 280 and 600 GBP each. Champion line puppies can cost as much as 900 GBP. Usually this price includes the first veterinary check-up, first set of vaccinations, worming and other medical requirements.

They are often micro-chipped as well, which acts as a method of identifying the puppies if they are ever lost or stolen.

Again, as in any country, the amount of wins that the parents have will influence the cost of the puppy. In addition, the puppies may also be pre-sold, and often a prospective buyer will have to wait for one or two litters to get the pup of their choice.

Remember a reputable breeder will only breed after a female is over 2 years old, and only as often as it is healthy for the female to reproduce.

In Canada

Lhasa Apsos in Canada are priced roughly the same as American Lhasa Apsos, with the average price being around $425.00 for females and $375.00 (CDN) for males. The majority of Lhasa Apso breeders tend to be in Eastern Canada but there are several on the west coast as well.

Since Lhasa Apsos are a hearty breed of dog, they do well in the colder climates of Canada, Northern United States and the United Kingdom.


The prices in pet stores tend to be between 25 and 30 percent less than the price from breeders. Remember that the puppies in pet stores may be purebred, but they are often not from championship lines. This may be of concern if you are planning to show or breed the puppy.

Often pet stores have a limited selection of any one breed of puppy, so make sure you understand any health issues with the breed before making the purchase. This is not much of a problem with the Lhasa Apso breed as they are fairly free from genetic diseases.


There are two types of rescue centers, a breed specific rescue center and a general animal shelter.

In the US

In the United States the American Lhasa Apso Club Rescue (ALAC) charges a $150.00-$200.00 fee for adoption, and this covers a veterinary check-up as well as spaying and neutering.

This option is great if you want to get an older dog that is already trained, or would like a puppy that is to be used as a companion dog or family pet.

The local animal shelter may also get Lhasa Apso puppies and dogs from time to time. Many will keep a list of interested people, and will call when a dog of the breed you are looking for comes into the shelter.

Usually the cost at these shelters is between $50.00 and $75.00, with mandatory spaying and neutering extra.

In the UK

In the United Kingdom, the Lhasa Apso Rescue in the UK provides a list of local clubs that offer adoptions, and the cost for an adoption is approximately 100 GBP.

These organizations rely on donations to keep funding their work, and the cost of the adoption goes towards making sure the dog or puppy is healthy when they are adopted.

I hope that I had helped you and provided you with enough information on buying Lhasa Apso in this newsletter.

Sharda Baker