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Love Is Eternal Pendant Mother’s Day Special

A remarkable jewellery piece that shows the connection between you and your grand daughter

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Love Is Eternal

Einstein Was Wrong!

How Quantum Theory Connects You And Your Grand daughter

The New York Times has confirmed what scientists were thinking. Albert Einstein was wrong.

Many years ago, Einstein theorized that two objects separated by distance could be connected on a quantum level. He wasn’t able to prove this and rejected the theory he called: Entanglement Theory.

As the Times reported:

“In particular, Einstein derided the idea that separate particles could be “entangled” so completely that measuring one particle would instantaneously influence the other, regardless of the distance separating them.”

Now scientists have confirmed Einstein’s lost theory and here’s what it means for you.

Einstein theorized that if two objects are similarly charged. They can be connected over long distances.

He was unable to prove it but recent studies show it can be done. It’s easy too.

The Times explained once again:

“The Delft researchers were able to entangle two electrons separated by a distance of 1.3 kilometers, slightly less than a mile, and then share information between them. Physicists use the term “entanglement” to refer to pairs of particles that are generated in such a way that they cannot be described independently. The scientists placed two diamonds on opposite sides of the Delft University campus, 1.3 kilometers apart.”

Take these two pieces of jewelry for example. As soon as you get them, we’ll show you how to charge them (it’s simple and takes less than a minute).

Then you wear one and your grand daughter wears one. And that’s it. You’re connected.


When you think of your grand daughter, they will know it. And when your grand daughter thinks of you, you will know it!

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