We Are One Pendant BFCM

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We Are One

“Wanna go for a walk?”

If you’re dog is anything like our fur babies, you never even have to finish the sentence.

Walking is so much more than just taking them out to do their “business”.

It’s about bonding and connecting. Even if they don’t have to go, if you ask them:

“Wanna go for a walk?” They’ll charge for the door.

Because they want to be with you. They want to join you – not just at the leash – but on a very deep level.

They lift up their eyes to you with love and say, “We are One.”

This beautiful pendant tells that story and lets everyone know, you and your fur kid are one.

This is an extremely limited edition.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

It is Sterling Silver and made in the USA. It comes with an 18″ sterling silver chain in an attractive gift box.

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