Choosing A Healthy Papillon Puppy

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Choosing a healthy Papillon puppy isn’t just making sure that physically it is in great shape.

You also need to choose your Papillon very carefully so that you don’t end up with one that is overly aggressive and difficult to raise, or so shy and distrustful that it is afraid to be handled.

Aggressive puppies

Most people have heard other people and well-meaning friends say that you don’t choose your puppy; you let the puppy choose you.

Many people find the first reaction is to want to take home that adorable little Papillon puppy that runs straight over to you and acts like he loves you.

The problem with this is that more times than not, you will end up with a Papillon that is pushy and bold and a lot more difficult to train.

The Papillon puppies that are usually gentle and quietly waiting in the background will, more often than not, make the calmer pets.

Don’t make the same mistake that a lot of people do, which is choosing the forceful, brash little Papillons that choose you.

They are wonderful to play with for an hour or two at the breeders, but living with them twenty-four hours a day may be more attention demanding than most people are prepared for.

Puppy Temperament
Normal Papillon puppies are curious, trusting and very friendly. They will crawl into your lap, play with your shoelaces, walk around your feet and play with your hands.

They will probably stop playing with you after a little while, and start playing and wrestling with their brothers or sisters. Watching them while they interact with their little litter mates can usually tell you a lot about the individual Papillon puppies.

Which Papillon puppies are bossy, noisy, outgrowing and strong?

Which Papillon puppies seem picked on and delicate?

Which Papillon puppies are very submissive, gentle and quiet?

Which Papillon puppies grab the toys and win all the tug-of-war games?

A Papillon puppy that is middle of the road is an excellent choice. Avoid one who is the boss of the litter or the bottom of the totem pole.

You should end up with a dog that doesn’t growl, bite or grab but does join in and play and is able to hold their own.

A very easy way to find out which Papillon puppies are usually going to be confident and alert is to make sudden sound, like jingling your car keys or clapping your hands.

A Papillon puppy that is nervous will run and hide, whereas a curious puppy will stop and look at the keys and then approach with some caution.

On the other hand, a puppy that is completely uninterested and oblivious may be either too independent or even unhealthy.

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