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Your Poodle Adoption Options: How To Ensure That You Choose The Right Poodle Before You Take Her Home

Picture taken from www.whatsupzone.com

Picture taken from www.whatsupzone.com

From the desk of Sharda Baker.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hi and welcome everyone!

This is Sharda with your Poodle newsletter.

Thanks for taking the time to read yet another Poodle newsletter, packed full of hints, tips and information about our favourite furry friends.

Today, the discussion topic will be Poodle adoption and the ways in which you can go about adopting a new canine member of the household.

All too many people limit their options when it comes to where to go for a new dog or puppy. However, exploring them all can help you t find the ideal dog for your circumstances and environment.

Let’s start shall we?

You essentially have two main Poodle adoption options – Poodle breeders and rescue shelters. Both are viable options for adopting a Poodle but you will find that each of these options then branches out into separate areas of adoption.

For example, Poodle breeders can be split into several types – commercial breeders, casual breeders and backyard breeders.

The latter is worth avoiding at all costs because they have no concern for the dogs at all, only the profits. The difference between the former two is the scale of the enterprise.

Most of these breeder types treat the dogs well but you should still go to see Poodle breeders and their kennels for yourself. In terms of rescue centres, you have Poodle adoption centres that specialize in the breed and those that simply offer every type of dog.

Both tend to be regulated, licensed, clean and take care of their dogs so all you have to do is register your interest in a dog. For the most part, rescues offer older dogs a second chance at life.

Puppies are always popular but older dogs are not so make sure that you consider this as a very real option.

As soon as you have checked out all of the above places for dog adoption, it will be time to double check your criteria for the individual dog or puppy you are to adopt.

You should think of all of the following points for suitability:

  • Health – All good Poodle adoption facilities, whether breeders or rescues, should offer you all the information you need to be able to have peace of mind that your potential adopted dog is in perfect health. Both should offer comprehensive vet check forms for you to look at and be prepared for your vet to take a look over the dogs as well should you choose.
  • Temperament – All good rescues and breeders will also have information to offer on a Poodle’s temperament. Is he or she lively? Does he or he show tendencies of bossiness and the need to be top dog? These questions should be asked and answered and any good rescue or breeder will answer honestly.
  • Information Given – The breeder or rescue should be able to answer all of your questions frankly and in full with no side stepping and no general answers. If he or she cannot do that then walk away and find another breeder or rescue.
  • Reaction – Finally, the dog’s reaction to you should be positive. He or she may back away out of fear but given time it should be positive. He or she should approach you and allow you to touch him or her.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of your Poodle adoption options. This will definitely help you to find the idea dog for your home the next time you are looking.

Whether you want a puppy or an older dog, you can find an ideal pet for you via Poodle adoption.

I hope you have found this information useful and enjoyed this installment of today’s Poodle newsletter.

All the best and take care

Sharda Baker