Poodle Rescue and Adoption: Making The Right Choice

Picture taken from www.dogs.about.com

Picture taken from www.dogs.about.com

From the desk of Sharda Baker.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hi and welcome everyone!

This is Sharda with another Poodle newsletter. Today we will discuss in making a right choice between Poodle rescue and adoption.

Although the newsletters usually focus on training, health issues and other such elements of life with a Poodle, this edition will be a little different.

We have talked about adopting puppies before and how to deal with that and have also touched on rescued Poodles but it is time to go in depth about Poodle rescue.

Poodle rescue is an excellent service that gives older dogs another chance at life but that is not to say that there are not a few lingering issues that you may need to deal with.

Everything may not be rosy but accepting that can really help you to give rescue dogs that chance that they need.

Poodle rescue facilities actively take in Poodles that have been abandoned, mistreated or need to be rehomed for whatever reason. As a result, rescues assess individual dogs as they appear in terms of temperament and feasibility for rehoming before they are passed on to their next home.

Rescue dogs are therefore nowhere near as much of a risk as you may actually think. They are extensively assessed and would never be rehomed with children or other animals if they posed any danger.

Of course, Poodle rescue animals do not have a complete history in many cases so you have no idea what happened to them but it is a learning process.

On top of the assessment that will occur prior to the rehoming of rescue dogs, you will have to take it day by day, be patient and expect the unexpected. If you have the capacity to do that then Poodle rescue is an ideal option for you.

Every now and again you may be able to get a Poodle puppy from a rescue centre but you should understand that Poodle rescue caters for older dogs.

You can get a range of ages and dispositions and each dog should be taken on its own merits rather than being classed as a problem dog.

If you have other pets or children then you may be better of choosing a puppy or a dog from a Poodle rescue that is being rehomed as a result of a divorce or other similar circumstances.

These are likely to be more settled dogs that are easier to train and will probably be less temperamental.

However, if you do not and you simply want to give an older dog a new chance then choose one that will best suit your home environment.

As previously stated, patience is essential so make sure that you are ready to make a major commitment.

If you are fully aware of all of the points made above then Poodle rescue is a fantastic option when you take a new Poodle into your home.

Poodles are gorgeous creatures by nature and a little patience will iron out any issues that may have been caused by their experiences prior to rescue.

Just because a dog may be a little damaged or requires a little more hard work than were you to go down the route of puppy adoption that does not mean that he or she will not make a fantastic pet.

Well, on that note, let us draw yet another discussion to a close. I hope that this has set your mind at rest and offered you a degree of peace of mind.

Of course, adopting any Poodle is worthwhile but Poodle rescue is just that little bit more rewarding.

All the best and take care

Sharda Baker