Training a toy Poodle puppy

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Toy Poodles are notoriously stubborn and a little more difficult to control.

Whether this is because of their size and thus Napoleon complex or temperament is impossible to know but it is important to take these points on board and the tips here will help you to effectively learn how to train a Toy Poodle.

Let’s start shall we?


Learning how to train a Toy Poodle is not all that difficult if you have experience in doing so but if you do not then you may find that the little bundle of fluff that seems so cute to begin with can be an absolute nightmare.

Intelligent and stubborn, the Toy Poodle is an attention seeker and will happily do whatever he or she can to get the greatest possible level of attention.

If that is being disobedient and naughty then so be it.

The Toy Poodle is also prone to trying to rule the roost. If you do not step up to the mantle and be the pack leader then you can bet your life on the fact that your Poodle will.

As such, learning how to train a Toy Poodle is a must.


The first thing you need to cultivate is dog obedience when figuring out how to train a Toy Poodle.

You need to immediately assert yourself as the pack leader before doing anything else to make sure that your Poodle knows exactly who is the leader and who is the follower.

You can achieve this by ensuring that you assert yourself with a combination of praise and treats.

Never get angry or lose your temper in any way because you will find that you lose all control. Instead, dog behaviour training should be based on a relationship of mutual trust and positivity.

As soon as you have achieved dog obedience then you can move onto the next sections of how to train a Toy Poodle.


As soon as you have a degree of obedience out of your Toy Poodle, you should focus on the essentials first like dog potty training, lead training and stopping annoying habits like barking and chewing.

Only then should you look to start training your Toy Poodle to learn tricks.

Too many owners get their priorities wrong, neglect the basics and then wonder why they have absolutely no control over their dogs as they get older.

This is why you should look into how to train a Toy Poodle now rather than later. When training a Toy Poodle, you should use the tools available to you. This includes a crate.

Some people consider it to be harsh but you will find that your Poodle seriously benefits from it because it encourages him or her to have a safe space but also enhances potty training and obedience training.

So there you have it – a quick guide on how to train a Toy Poodle. This is by no means exhaustive and there is a lot more information out there if you feel you need more.

However, you should bear in mind that the points made are designed to deal with the Toy Poodles that are not amongst the ranks of the well behaved.

Of course there are well behaved Toy Poodles so all of this may not apply to you but I’ve included it just in case.