Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature SchnauzerMiniature Schnauzers: Why You Should Own One

Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most popular breeds worldwide. Due to their unique appearance and temperament, they make an ideal pet and companion.

Description and General Appearance
This breed has a very distinct appearance. Its uniqueness stems from its thick double coat the outer one being wiry and coarse while the inner one feels softer. Fur is kept long around the muzzle, eyebrows, belly and legs. They’re body is box-like in shape topped with an equally square head. It comes in very basic colors such as black, white, black and silver and salt and pepper. Their tails are naturally long and thin but sometimes this is cropped. Their front legs are also seen to be stiff and rigid.

Height and Weight
This is the smallest breed in the Schnauzer family only 12-14 inches in height. Males weigh between 12-20 lbs. while females are 12-18 lbs. heavy.

Health and Longevity
Miniature Schnauzers have a lifespan from 10 years up to 15 years. This breed has a tendency to over eat and gain weight fast which causes a number of health issues such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, which is the high amount of lipids in the blood, and pancreatitis. They may also suffer comedone syndrome which is signified by the presence of bumps that are filled with pus. Some genetic diseases that it experiences are von Willebrand disease (a disorder associated with bleeding due to low von Willebrand factor which is necessary for platelet adhesion) and hip dysplasia.

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Basic Temperament
Miniature Schnauzers are highly playful and active dogs. They enjoy running around and may be prone to hunting smaller animals such as mice, birds and sometimes even cats. They are very alert and like to bark to express themselves especially when strangers are approaching which makes it the ideal guard dog.

Care Required
Due to its thick coat and to maintain its signature appearance, constant grooming is required for this type of dog. Two methods are often used for the areas of the body that are closely cropped which are stripping or clipping. Stripping is a long, tedious process of taking the dead hair from the dog’s body via plucking, using a stripping knife or just pulling with fingers. This process is normally employed on show dogs. A regular pet would generally have its hair clipped close to the skin. The hair that remains long needs to be regularly combed to avoid tangles.

Exercise Requirements
Since Miniature Schnauzers are very active and energetic, this dog breed needs to be taken on long walks daily. They also enjoy outdoor activities off the leash and are very playful. It is almost always active, even when at home and would need to release that energy by running around. They also tend to be even more playful with children. They have a tendency to chase and would enjoy games like fetch.

Training Tips
Miniature Schnauzers’ training is easy as it is a highly intelligent breed and picks up commands and instructions easily. The use of praise seems to be the most effective way of training. They also respond well to treats and even affection from their master. They also require consistency and repetition to acquire a habit. They can also easily be trained for more advanced commands such as flyball and other dog sports.

Suitability as a Pet
Having a pet Miniature Schnauzer is beneficial because of its eagerness to please, friendly disposition, loyalty and intelligence.

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