Schnauzer Bumps A Unique Health Problem for Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature SchnauzerIf you’ve owned or been around Miniature Schnauzers before, you know they’re a wonderful, charming breed. You’ve also may have noticed the small bumps that they may get on their backs, noticeable when you pat them. These small bumps, commonly known as Schnauzer Bumps, are so prevalent among the breed they’ve gained a nickname after them. There are many at-home treatments to address Schnauzer Bumps in order to keep your pet healthy without veterinary intervention.

Schnauzer Bumps, also known as Schnauzer Comedone Syndrome formally, is a genetic condition that largely only afflicts the Miniature Schnauzer breed. The condition causes pus-filled bumps to manifest on a dog’s skin, mostly on their backs. You can think of these as large black heads, they occur when the sebaceous glands get clogged. While it is important to keep in mind that there is no cure for this condition as it is genetic, it can be treated and minimized with active grooming and certain actions.

A wholesome quality diet is the first step in protecting your dog from these bumps getting out of control. In addition, regular, attentive grooming helps keep their skin clean and prevents additional irritations to cause the bumps. Comedone Syndrome can be minimized with the following treatments:

– After consulting with your vet, use a dandruff shampoo, like one called SeboRx and bathe your pet twice a week
– Use a natural astringent like witch hazel to treat the bumps on your Schnauzer
– Trim or clip your Schnauzer’s coat short regularly so your dog can enjoy sunshine and open air on its back—two factors that help dry out its skin
– Regularly use flea treatments as fleas can irritate a Schnauzer’s skin further and make the bumps worse, especially if your dog has a flea allergy
– Use Vitamin E supplements regularly as they have been shown to help keep Schnauzers healthy
– Use a benzoyl peroxide gel or shampoo on your dog’s skin twice a week
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If you find that using home treatments listed above don’t help your Schnauzer’s health, you should consult with your veterinarian for the best pet care. As mentioned earlier, Comedone Syndrome is genetic so it will never go away but it can be minimized. With a veterinarian’s consultation, they will be able to suggest additional treatments that may help your dog’s health. Your vet will be able to suggest other supplements, care and even prescribed medication for your pet.

One prescribed option, that may not be right for every pet, is to use Isotretinoin (also known as Accutane). This will need to be prescribed by a veterinarian and may or may not be covered under pet insurance as this medication is used to treat something that will never go away. Isotretinoin would treat your dog hormonally and change its skin oil production. This medicine is also used for humans with severe acne—you can read about its human side effects online.

Of course, before you leap to a treatment, consult with your veterinarian so it is best for your pet’s health in the long-run and that the costs will be covered by your pet insurance. Because this is a genetic condition and not curable, doing the best you can within reason will be the best for your pet’s health.

Schnauzer Bumps, also known as Comedone Syndrome, is genetic but manageable. Owners of Miniature Schnauzers have a variety of methods available to them to help relieve their dog’s discomfort and the unsightly bumps. Try some of the mild treatments on your own, like grooming and regular baths, and make an appointment with your veterinarian to take additional steps.
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