Dog Potty Training

dog potty trainingDog Potty Training – Make Your Dog Relieve Himself in the Right Place

Dog potty training is essentially the same for both puppies and adult dogs. However, you need to closely supervise him, which will require time. So if you are the office type, you might as well assign the task to your child, or anybody who has the time. It takes around one week before a dog learns his potty lessons.

Dog Potty Training Benefits

It isn’t only about cleanliness, hygiene or health risks. Potty training for dogs can benefit in other ways.

• It can help raise awareness about restrictions or limits and proper behavior. The fact that he isn’t allowed to do that thing in certain places gives him the idea that he isn’t free to just do anything at will.

• Potty training can make him keep watch over his behavior. Since he knows that limitations exist, he is on guard about his actions for fear of displeasing his owner/master.

• It can help in preparing him for more training. The dog has already been trained in one aspect, so he is now conscious about this thing called “training.”

• For unexplainable reasons, dogs which have been potty trained also become conscious of cleanliness. You will notice that they avoid lying on dirty places and prefer newly cleaned spots in the house. In short, they become sensitive about cleanliness and they become careful in this regard.

• Urine and feces are tools often used for diagnosing pet ailments. You would need these materials to check for symptoms. Knowing the exact places to find them will certainly be helpful.


Don’t scold the dog for not urinating in proper places. Here’s the reason why:

• Puppies do not have the muscular ability to hold off urine. It takes about 12 weeks for them to fully develop this ability. That’s why they often urinate and they usually do so at least 6 times a day.

• Puppies, as a consequence of their small size, also have small bladders, which can accommodate only a certain amount of urine. When the bladder is full, there’s no other choice for them but to go.

• They also don’t know they are urinating when they get excited. So, keep your puppy from getting excited such as snubbing him when you come home and giving him attention when he calms down.


Defecating is easier to control. It usually happens after meals. The good thing is: Dogs have the capacity to effectively control involuntary release – sometimes for more than a day. However that is an unhealthy habit, which may lead to poisoning. Help him to have periodic defecation – one that is regular – as part of his dog potty training.

Here are tips:

• Clean thoroughly any dog feces released within the house area. Dogs have powerful smelling ability and the presence of that familiar scent induces them to quickly release. Clean thoroughly with soap, vinegar and the products that you use for removing stains from clothes.

• Take him outside where he is free to do it. This will give him an idea that it is more convenient to poop outside as there seems to be no restriction. Further, it will help him differentiate the house area from the outdoor, or make him see that there are things that shouldn’t be done inside.

Dog potty training isn’t difficult at all, but it takes time, consistency, and patience. Take pride in every little thing that you impart to your beloved pet. Take pleasure in training him.

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