Go For Good Pug Breeders! Ask Them Questions!

Picture taken from www.puppydogweb.com

Picture taken from www.puppydogweb.com

Good day and welcome everyone!

This is Sharda with another Pugs newsletter.

Here we go!

What you must have from your breeder:

By now, you’ve seen your Pug breeder’s facilities and even spoken to him.

Now it’s time to ask your breeder a few important questions

Begin by asking him a few general questions to break the ice and just so he doesn’t feel you’re interrogating him.

Then, move on to ask him specific and pointed questions so that you make an informed decision about dealing with him and to ease yourself of any concerns.

If you ask these questions, you’re on safe ground, so take a look at them:

  • Do you give out a purchase contract?
  • What are the purchase or sale terms of the contract itself?
  • Do you give health certificates with your pups?
  • What about issuing de-worming and vaccination records?
  • For how long will I have to take my Pug to my vet?
  • What if my vet finds pre-existing conditions in the pup after I’ve bought it? Can I return it to you for a refund?
  • What pre-existing conditions does the contract cover?
  • Could you show me the mother of these pups and the father too?
  • Could I spend time with her?
  • Is it possible to spend time with your pups on sale?
  • Have your pups been under the vigil of a vet?
  • Who generally administers the vaccinations and provides the care they require?
  • Could I take a look around your grounds?
  • If my pup turns out to be show quality, is it necessary I show him? What are the terms of this agreement where a show quality pup is concerned?
  • Can I take a look at some references of your customers?
  • How many litters do you produce each year and from how many mothers?
  • Are the parents well screened?
  • How long have you been in this field?
  • Which other dog breeds do you breed?
  • If the sire is not on the premises, where is he?

Don’t hesitate to ask these questions and any others that might crop up in your mind. He will be only too happy to answer your questions satisfactorily.

And if you think that all the aces are with you, let me tell you that you are as much under your breeder’s scrutiny as he is under yours. So, he too will ask you a lot of searching questions before he can trust you with his pups.

This is because he cares a lot about the dogs he breeds and sells only because he is genuinely interested in the future and well-being of his pups.

A reputable Pug breeder will ask you questions about your lifestyle, experience with pug dogs, your knowledge of caring for them, etc. He is genuinely interested in knowing if you are as sincere about your passion for dogs as you reveal or not. If you don’t sense this, try the next breeder on your list.

Questions your breeder will ask you: You might well have fallen in love with one of the adorable Pugs you’ve seen but that doesn’t mean the breeder’s going to part it with just like that.

He’s going to ask you a lot of searching questions, just as you grilled him—questions that will relate to why you want to take in a pet, etc.

It is in your interests to cooperate with the breeder by answering all his questions, as I’m sure you realize that he has invested considerable amounts of time, money and effort in breeding the pup you love so much.

So, he needs to be sure he’s giving his pup to a good home where his little one will be taken care of well.

But even as I say this, I must sound alarm bells in your mind about those breeders who don’t allow you to ask any questions, but sell you the pup you choose without asking any questions.

If this is the kind of breeder you’re dealing with, you will realize that he hasn’t spent enough time to plan a healthy litter free of all genetic faults.

You will also see that he is unconcerned about your credentials, a fact as disappointing as the fact that he knows very little about the breed you’re considering—the Pug—except that he is lovable and intelligent.

One more way of knowing a good breeder from a sham is to check out his attitude to the pup’s sale price. While a good breeder will worry more about who’s taking his pup and whether they are reliable or not, the sham will only wonder about the money and when he can pocket it.

But the genuine breeder’s mind will be filled with questions such as:

  • Why do you want a puppy and why a Pug?
  • Is this your first pet or have you had others in the past?
  • What are your experiences with having a pet at home?
  • Do your pets live a health life? And do they live long?
  • Do you live in an apartment or a house? If in a house, does it have a fenced yard too?
  • Right now, do you have pets?
  • Are they neutered or spayed?
  • How old are they?
  • How are they by temperament?
  • Which vet do you visit and will you continue to go to him for this one?
  • What do you know about obedience training?
  • Have you ever trained your dogs?
  • Why do you want a dog?
  • Do you have any other pets?

I hope that you learned a lot from today’s Pug breeders newsletter

All the best and take care

Sharda Baker