Good Boy! Find or Make Tasty Dog Treats for your Scottish Terrier

Scottish TerrierTreats—it would be the best word to a dog’s ears. Who doesn’t love asking their Scottish terrier if they want a treat? You get to see their eyes light up, mouth open in anticipation and their tails wag, usually shaking their whole bodies. Dog treats, as much as dogs can get excited about them, can also be good for your pet.

There are numerous treat options on the market as well as options to make your own at home. Doing a little research up front can help you find dog treats that your Scottie can get excited about, while also being good for your dog’s health.

There are an ever-growing variety of dog treats on the market to choose from. It can be a little overwhelming when walking through the aisle at a store or even watching the Animal Planet. Every other commercial these days is for different brands of treats. Here is a handy guide explaining the treat options available

• Soft Treats – These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. Pick an option that fits your dog’s size so it isn’t a choking hazard. These also work wonders for training your pet!

• Hard Treats – Available in a variety of flavors, and shapes. Treat these like you would dog food—they should meet the rigorous standards of high-quality packaged dog good.

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• Bone-like Treats – These treats are not made from actual animals’ bones but from starches and molded to look like bones. They are often promoted for dental health as it takes a long time to chew on these. While the big ones may look exciting or funny to give a pet, please pick an option that is size appropriate for your dog.

• Animal Bones – Please refrain from giving your dog actual animal bones as they can chip and become a choking hazard, or crack your pet’s teeth. There are a variety of bone-like treats available to play to your pet’s natural instincts of chewing on bones.

• Human Food – Despite their often cute begging, giving a dog table scraps as a treat should be used sparingly if at all. Dogs have evolved to be our companions but have not evolved to eat all of our food too. Foods like onions, raisins, chocolate and grapes are actually poisonous to dogs. And others like hot dogs, cheese and crackers can fatten your dog as they’re more fat-dense than a dog’s diet is accustomed to. It’s always a good idea to ask your veterinarian which human foods they would recommend treating your dog with on occasion.

If you’re unsure of what type of dog treats to lavish upon your pet, there are countless resources available to do a little more research. The first and best source for this type of information is your veterinarian. They have background knowledge on your breed, whether it’s a Scottish terrier or not. They can recommend what options are best for your dog based on their health. And with the constantly changing market for dog treats, they may have a recommendation that others may not be aware of yet.

Another source of dog treat recommendations is your breeder or humane society. They are often well-informed of breed needs and have worked with this breed in the past. Based on their experience and knowledge, they often have recommendations.

Finally, the internet is a great source for owners’ reviews of dog treats.

If you’d rather make your own dog treats—you’re in luck! The internet also has no shortage of recipes to make them. Depending on what kind of ingredients you’d like to feed your pet, there are a variety of options. From gluten-free to all meat based, there are dog treats for every pet’s tastes.

Of course, always make sure there are no ingredients that are harmful to a dog’s health. When in doubt, ask your vet!

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