Everything About Yorkies!

Picture taken from www.terriergrooming.com

Picture taken from www.terriergrooming.com

A Yorkshire terrier can be a fabulous pet but you need to put some effort into find a good one.

As with any breed there are going to be some that you want to steer clear of.

Avoid buying them from breeders that don’t care about the genetics with their sires and dams. Since the Yorkshire terrier is prone to various medical problems you want to work with someone who is working to continue the quality of the breed.

There is plenty of Yorkshire terrier information out there to help you find out if you are getting a good one or not.

Taking the time to consider the reputation of the breeder is essential.

They may have a professional looking website, but take the time to go there and see what is going on behind the scenes. You want to see where the dogs live and find out what they are being fed.

Ask to see the mom and dad for a given litter of Yorkies as well.

By evaluating both of them you will have a decent idea of the overall look and size of the pup. Pay attention to how the parents look and even how they walk. You want to be observant of any signs of obvious genetic issues that may be a problem.

Next you want to evaluate the temperament of the Yorkshire terrier you are interested in. Some of them are extremely playful.

Do you want one that is full of energy and will always be on the go?

If not then look for one with characteristics that are a better fit for you. That way you can bond with it instead of becoming annoyed with various habits.

Keep in mind that Yorkshire terriers are quite expensive to purchase from a breeder. If you want to get your hands on the best though you need to be willing to pay that price.

If you come across a breeder offering them at a price that is significantly lower than everyone else you need to find out why. If the offer seems too good to be true trust your instincts and walk away from it.

If you are getting an older Yorkshire terrier then you need to ask plenty of questions.

Find out about the medical history, the diet, and the behaviours of the animal. If you know the person getting rid of it then ask them what the reason is that they are looking for a home.

You may be able to spend some time with the Yorkie in the natural environment too. This way you can see for yourself what your will have to content with if you commit to taking the dog.

A shelter can often provide Yorkshire terrier information as well.

They may know where you can get one or have some ready for adoption. You will want to find out what has been going on with the Yorkie before you adopt it though.

A quality Yorkie rescue centre or animal shelter won’t place them for adoption though until they have evaluated all of their needs. Should they need some type of care that will be taken care of before finding a home for it is even considered.

Owning a Yorkshire terrier can be an amazing experience.

They are delightful dogs that don’t get very big at all. You can take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy the company. However, they do require plenty of care and interaction.

Make sure the match is right by looking around for the right Yorkshire terrier to bring home.