How Much For Yorkshire Terrier Puppies?

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So how much for Yorkshire Terrier puppies?

There is quite a bit of difference out there when it comes to the prices of Yorkshire terriers puppies for sale.

In fact, some people assume that the prices are well above what they can afford so they don’t pursue their desire to get one any further than that.

It is important to realize that there are many different factors that play a role in that pricing though.

Too many people assume that a Yorkshire terrier breeder is living an extravagant lifestyle due to the money they get for the puppies.

Yet if you have visited such locations you will find they are often nice but nothing elaborate. This is because there is a great deal of overhead expenses involved in this breeding process.

There is the cost of testing the adults to make sure they are healthy enough to breed.

There is also the ongoing medical care for the female for the duration of the pregnancy. Should she have any complications with the delivery that means more medical costs involved.

There is the ongoing cost of feeding and housing the Yorkies as well. Of course there is also the time involved to care for them properly as well. This involves getting them sufficient exercise and playing with them.

A good Yorkshire terrier breeder will make sure both of these activities take place each day.

In addition, they all need to be brushed so that their hair doesn’t get tangled up. When you consider all of this, the cost of a Yorkshire terrier puppy seems more acceptable to swallow.

Still, the cost can vary from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousands. If the Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale are the offspring of champions then they will warrant a higher cost.

This is a given with any breed of dog though and not just to the Yorkshire terriers. If money is what is holding you back though you should still pursue other options. There are private individuals what have Yorkies to sell as well.

They are generally less expensive since they don’t have all of that overhead relating to the business. They may just want to get the money back that they spent on their dog at the vet.

You can also get an adopted Yorkie for a much lower price. They are available from Yorkie rescues and animal shelters. Call around or go online to find out what is readily available.

You will likely have to fill out an application that gives information on why you want one. Buying Yorkshire terriers puppies for sale this way can certainly be your most affordable option.

Of course there is quite a demand for these puppies so you may find your name on a waiting list. This can be disappointing but don’t give up hope!

You can continue to evaluate the prices that both private individuals and breeders offer. Save your money as time goes on. Then you can either adopt a Yorkie when it is your turn or buy one of the Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale when you have saved up enough to do so.

The delight you get from your Yorkie puppy will certainly be worth the wait.

I hope that today’s newsletter provided you with useful information. : )

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