Miniature Yorkies – Why Are They So Popular?

It is no secret that miniature Yorkies are among the smallest and cutest dogs out there, right?

They aren’t a separate breed but rather achieved by breeding only the smallest of the Yorkshire terriers.

They don’t weigh anymore than five pounds which is amazing when you consider the size and weight of some other dog breeds out there.

Tea cup Yorkies is a name that they are commonly referred to by. They are lovely pets and often quite spoiled. Owners love being able to have such a very small pet.

They also know it is going to get them quite a bit of attention with everyone they come into contact with.

When you get ready to buy a minature Yorkshire terrier you need to be ready for the expense though. You aren’t going to get one from a breeder for less than a couple of thousand dollars.

This is due to the demand for them and the fact that the females often need medical assistance from a vet to deliver the puppies.

We have all seen celebrities carrying around miniature Yorkies in designer bags. That image is one that people really find interesting.

They want to be able to do the same thing so they pay a great deal of money to be able to. Due to the cost of miniature Yorkies, others regard those who have them as of high social, econnomic status due to their ability to purchased them.

You will find tea cup Yorkies registered with dog associations as well as being featured in dog shows all over the world. They are often well regarded in the dog show arena and win a great deal of awards.

Being able to proudly tell others what your miniature Yorkie has won is a great honour. There is also money to be made when they do win the top honours which is always nice.

Breeders like to have tea cup Yorkies so they can sell them to others as well once they have puppies.

They know they can collect a premium price as people will buy miniature Yorkshire terriers regardless of how much they cost. There is a great deal of money that can be made by breeding them.

Some owners want a pet that their friends and family don’t have. So they buy a Yorkie in order to break away from what everyone else is doing.

You just have to be careful though because if there are larger dog around, your Yorkshire terrier could end up hurt.

It is also fun to dress them up in outfits before you go out. There are plenty of them to choose from, so you will have a great time shopping for the clothing.

Miniature Yorkies are great pets but only if you are ready for them. You need to be dedicated to caring for them especially to their needs.

Make sure they are well fed and getting the medical attention necessary.

You also need to prevent them from falling, being stepped on, or being attacked by larger dogs.

Make sure you understand all of the reasons why miniature Yorkies are so popular before you commit to buying one.

There may be plenty of fun things to see, but when you own one you see how hard it can be.

Giving them enough attention, potty training them, and even keeping them healthy due to the medical problems of the breed can prove to be exhausting sometimes.