Understanding Yorkshire Terriers: The Basic things

Picture taken from www.dogtime.com

Picture taken from www.dogtime.com

From the desk of Sharda Baker.
Sunday, March 02, 2014

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The Yorkshire terrier is a dog that comes to us from Scotland and England. There is plenty to learn about them than just what meets the eye.

The Yorkshire terrier comes from a mix of other breeds that has been tweaked over decades.

The result is a very small but energetic and loveable breed of dog. Most people find them to be quite adorable and a great companion.

This is good news because understanding Yorkshire Terriers do require a great deal of attention and interaction.

They love to socialize with people but not so much with other dogs. It is best to have only one or two pets to care for if you have a Yorkshire terrier.

The coat on a Yorkshire terrier is very beautiful and very shiny. It will have a higher gloss to it though if you are feeding it a proper diet. The vitamins and nutrients found in those foods are what it needs in order to really thrive.

Proper grooming of this coat is essential. When you look at a Yorkie you may not realize all of the work the owner has put into caring for it. This involves having the hair trimmed regularly, choosing a haircut that works well for it, and combing it every couple of days.

Failure to pay attention to these important grooming issues can result in the Yorkshire terrier not looking very well at all. When you view Yorkshire terriers up close you will notice some distinct features about them.

Their coat has a variety of colours in it including hues of gold and tan. Dark brown and black are also very common.

If you look very close you may even find some dark blue colours on it. The Yorkshire terrier has a very short but thick tail and the ears stand up straight.

This isn’t standard on the breed though but rather a process that is developed through a process. The owner should understand this process so they can get the right results.

It involves using a stick across the two wears with them taped into the proper position. After a length of time the ears will be permanently remaining that way.

While Yorkshire terriers are prone to many different health issues, they can do quite well with proper medical care and the right diet. Making sure all of their basic needs are met from the very start is going to help you be successful in keeping them both healthy and happy.

On average a Yorkie will live to be from 12-15 years of age. The personality and temperament of Yorkshire terriers are quite interesting. These dogs don’t carry themselves in a way that suggests they are small in size.

They are very active and extremely protective of their owners. They don’t like to share attention though so they can become aggressive towards other pets you may have in your home.

To defend their owner and to get recognized they often engage in a very high pitched bark.

It is certainly a sound you better grow accustomed to if you want to have a Yorkshire terrier around. It is important to understand that due to their small size they are often the victims of falls and being stepped on.

Make sure you do all you can to keep your Yorkie safe from such occurrences.

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