Basset Hound Adoption – Giving A Homeless Basset Dog A Chance To Have A New Home

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There are a LOT of Basset dogs out there that are homeless are in deep need of a new home. For this reason we have places called RESCUE SHELTERS that would serve as temporary homes for homeless Basset Hounds.

But the fortunate things is that you can give these homeless Basset dogs a chance to have a new home.

How? By Basset Hound Adoption!

People who care for homeless Basset Hounds form these organizations. They care for the animals, take in ones that have been abandoned and even train them.

Basset Dogs could get abandoned due to a variety of reasons. The owner may have realized that he can’t care for the pet anymore; the family may not have the time to look after the animal; the owner may move out of the city and so on.

Some lucky Basset Hounds go to a new home; some go to a new foster home. Volunteers also look for Basset Hounds that need rescuing from places like animal shelters or pet shops. They raise funds for Basset Hounds.

Here are some of the things that you should know about rescue shelters or Basset Hound adoption before you proceed.


At these places, a vet will check every rescued Basset Hound. He will examine the pet for parasites and may give a series of immunization shots. He may either spay or neuter if it is needed.

The animal is then taken to a foster home where Basset Hound Adoption is very likely.

However, it’s not as if once the Basset Hound is out of the organization’s hands, he is out of their minds. Rescue workers check if the dog is being treated well by the new owner and insist on a trial period.

During the trial period, a rescue person will check on the animal and find out how he is faring. A new owner can ask for advice. A Basset Hound adoption fee to recover veterinary costs is usually charged.


Basset Hounds at these homes need more love as they have been traumatized. Abused or abandoned, they may not trust humans so it is absolutely essential for them to be placed in a good home the second time.

Moving from one owner to another, one living environment to another can be unsettling and so it is necessary to give them a nice, caring home.

You can find Basset Hound rescue organizations on the Daily Drool web page.


Each rescue home has its own rules. The National Basset Hound Rescue Organization sets out the guidelines. Generally, a contract is signed.

Normally, rescue homes are very cautious when it comes to sending the dog to a new home. Simply because, they cannot risk the trauma of abandonment again.

In cases where the Basset Hound has been traumatized due to a cruel kid, the organization may refuse to send the animal to a new home with kids.

Children are impulsive, mischievous and not very predictable so such rescue organizations may refuse to send the animal to a home with kids. The rules vary from place to place. Check with your local organization.


Basset Hound Adoption from these places would cost you about US $100-$150, depending on the kind of organization.


You will have the double joy of saving the deserving Basset Hound from being destroyed and giving him a new home.

You will most likely get an adult Basset Hound dog because it has been abandoned.

Since you are getting an adult Basset Hound rescue dog, he or she will be already housebroken an spayed or neutered.

The Basset Hound rescue dog will be the pet you really wanted all these years but at a lower price than a puppy would be at a reputed breeder’s kennel.


Some of the Basset Hound have been rescued from homes where they have been abused and ill treated.

You will have to be understanding and spend more time with him.

Your Basset Hound rescue dog may be extra shy, timid and defiant, so you need to be patient to deal with him.


Before you start parting with the bucks, consider your pup carefully. Usually, a purebred pet quality puppy from a reputable breeder may cost between US $350-$700.

A pup with show (or breeding) potential will be more.

Make sure the puppy has been checked by a vet and given the proper and appropriate inoculations suited to his age.

For instance, inoculations for rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis, kennel cough and parvovirus are necessary. Your breeder should also have the complete records of the puppy.

That’s it for today.

I do hope that you consider this alternative when you decide to get a Basset Hound.

Thanks for listening!

All the best and take care.

Sharda Baker