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Show quality Basset Hounds aren’t just sold at a higher price but sometimes with conditions too. A Basset Hound breeder may want breeding rights for a lifetime.

Some may want to choose a sire for your dog, if she is a female and also want a Basset Puppy from the litter. If a breeder sells a show quality dog, he may monitor the dog till the animal gets his championship

All terms and conditions should be clearly written down so there is no confusion.


  • There aren’t too many Basset Hound show puppies; one or two really good puppies in a litter on an average.
  • The Basset Hound undergoes major changes as he grows to adulthood. So buy an animal around 6 months that has already been ‘shown’ or has won some points.


At these classes, a Basset Hound is judged by the AKC standard. A single judge will judge dogs of the same breed.

When a Basset Hound is judged against a scorecard, then it called an Obedience test. Commands like sit, down and so on are the tests of obedience.

A field trial judges a purebred according to the purpose for which it was bred. The Basset Hound must be a registered dog with the AKC and over 6 months old.


If you choose a purebred over a mixed-breed dog, it’s advantageous to you, as you know its personality traits, idiosyncrasies and health profiles before you take him in.

Though, on the flip side, a purebred is less hardy than a mixed breed, both physically and emotionally. Mixed breeds also go through more behavioral extremes than a purebred.

So, have you now decided on a purebred?

Now, you’ll need to select a breed compatible with your lifestyle and with your reasons for wanting a dog. Considering the AKC has over 140 recognized breeds, and many more, you’ll have enough to choose from.


Dog shelters are a wonderful option for locating either a mixed-breed or a purebred dog.

Here, some 30 % of shelter dogs are purebred. At most of the approximately 4,000 shelters in the United States, there are almost endless choices of dogs available in many varieties – ones you probably didn’t even know existed.

Adoption fees, if any, are nominal. And you’ll feel good knowing you’ve saved a life.
Basset Hound Breeders are a good option if you want to know more about the background of your new dog; the AKC can refer you to a breeder near you.

When choosing a Basset Hound breeder, visit his or her kennel area.

Are the parents on the premises? Are the conditions clean? Is the breeder the puppy’s advocate, asking you questions, or does he seem more interested in a quick buck?

Pet shops are another available option but one that is NOT recommended.

Pet shop Basset puppy, while generally purebred, often originate in puppy mills, and the dogs are often unhealthy and genetically unsound.

So, I really hope that you choose wisely and be vigilant when choosing your Basset puppy.

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Sharda Baker