Getting Your Pet From A Basset Rescue Or Adoption Center

basset houndAdopting a Basset hound is a great way to bring a dog into your family.

This lovable breed is represented by a large number of rescue and adoption agencies across the country. There is likely a Basset rescue center near you!

Of course, there are risks in adopting a pet versus buying one from Basset Hound breeders. Rescue dogs for sale may have been abused but they are by no means a lost cause.

Adopted dogs are often loving and caring animals because they know that they are being cared for by people who mean it.

Below are some tips to adopting a Basset hound and making them a valuable member of your family.

• Slowly introduce your new Basset rescue hound to people and sights around your home. They will adjust easier if you ease them into their new life. Positive reinforcement and praise is best as you show them their new environment.
•Creating a routine can help establish normalcy and relieve any anxiety your pet may be experiencing
•This includes feeding time, bed time, potty time and training
• Basset hounds take life at their own pace so don’t rush them into anything or push them to be by your side constantly. These independent dogs like their alone time.

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• As your Basset rescue hound adjusts to their new environment, you may want to get a crate or kennel. They may get overly attached to you after they settle in which manifests as whining when you leave. The crate can serve as their new home and a place to put them to relax and feel safe when you are not in their sight.
• Keep your Basset hound on a leash around your home as they get used to your neighborhood.
• Get a collar right away for your Basset hound. These dogs are prone to wandering even if they are on leashes. Even if you live in the country or have a fenced in yard, a collar is good measure for these naturally curious dogs.
• Crates can be a private space for these independent dogs to retreat to at the end of the day. But remember to remove their collars if you close them inside the crate to prevent a choking hazard.
• Toys are great options for Bassets as they are prone to chewing. If you are not home during the day, toys can keep these dogs engaged.
• Always keep your Basset on a leash outside of a fenced yard. These animals are led by their noses and will follow scents if given the chance.
• If you leave your Basset outside unattended for a substantial amount of time, they will get bored and fill the neighborhood with their barking.
• If you have a fenced in yard, make sure to maintain it and repair any holes or areas where a Basset hound can burrow underneath it. If there’s an option to escape, chase a small animal or follow a scent, these dogs will find it.
• If you live near water or have a pool, you will need to keep your Basset hound on a short leash. These dogs, because of their stature, are not good swimmers. Their short legs and heavy torsos keep them from being swimmers. It’s best to have a dog life jacket on hand if you spend time on the water or have a pool.

Adopting your dog from a Basset rescue center is a wonderful way to bring this breed into your home. With a little research and preparation, you can get a dog that will be a wonderful member of your household.

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