Basset Hounds

basset houndBasset Hounds: More Than Meets The Eye

Description and General Appearance
Basset Hounds are short, but heavily-built dogs. They have long muzzles that are often wider than their brows. The distinguishing Basset Hound characteristics are their slightly-sunken, brown eyes that are slightly drooping, giving them a permanently sad look about them. The skin on their heads hangs loose and falls in folds, and their long velvety ears hang limply at the side of their head, making them look even sadder. These dogs come in many different colors, but the most popular are tan, white, and black combinations.

Basic Temperament
As you can probably tell from their looks, the Basset Hound temperament is rather mild and carefree. They get along very well with children and they are very affectionate with their human family. These dogs are not known to bark as much as the other breeds, which does not make them very good watch dogs.

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Care Required
Because of the many folds of their skin, Basset Hounds are susceptible to skin irritations; so when giving them a bath, scrub underneath the folds of skin and dry them up thoroughly. Their long drooping ears are also a bit of a problem because they provide the perfect shelter for parasites like ticks, so check their ears regularly; their ears are also prone to infection because of poor air circulation. The Basset Hound breedsalso shed their fur constantly so you need to brush them regularly.

Exercise Requirements
Basset hounds are bred to be hunting dogs, so despite their appearances, they do have a lot of energy and will require plenty of exercise not just to keep them fit, but also to make them mentally active. They may seem pretty docile when you keep them indoors, but once you take them outside, they will transform into a ball of pure energy. Basic Basset hound exercise needs are quite minimal; a long walk outside will often fulfills their needs for the day.

Training Tips
Training Basset Hounds can be quite difficult because they have very short attention spans. When you are training them outside and they catch an interesting scent, they will not let go of the trail until the source of the smell is found. Even housebreaking a Basset hound is hard work so you best prepare yourself for it.

Height and Weight
Basset Hounds are very short, only around a foot at the shoulder for both males and females. But even though they are short, the Basset Hound physiology is like that of larger dogs, they often tip the scales at 60 pounds.

Health and Longevity
It is best to not overfeed your Basset hound because if they get too heavy, their short legs will not be able to support the added weight. Their long and heavy bodies also make them prone to paralysis or lameness, so it is important to watch their weight. Bloating is another major Basset Hound health issue, so you need to divide its meals into small portions so that they do not develop too much gas.

Suitability As A Pet
Basset hounds are perfect pets for families with rather small homes as they are quite timid when you leave them indoors. With the proper training, they can be left on their own for long periods of time. Basset Hound compatibility with most people is quite high, making them the perfect choice for most families.

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