Boston Terrier Grooming: The Do’s and Dont’s for a Healthier Dog

boston terrierTo groom a dog, it is not necessary to send the dog to dog groomers. Dog grooming courses can be learned outside of a dog grooming school.

Boston Terrier Grooming is not a difficult task after getting to know the basics of good grooming. Having a well-groomed Boston Terrier will ensure the dog’s health, as properly cleaning the dog with the appropriate dog grooming supplies wards off infections caused by bacteria.

Boston Terriers are not high maintenance dogs when it comes to good grooming. The Boston Terrier sheds its fur lightly, so brushing the fur with a natural bristled comb or smooth glove once a week will be sufficient to remove loose hairs. If there are stray hairs, only use thinning shears. The stray hairs can be considered as stray hairs if they grow beyond the natural short length of the Boston Terrier’s fur and a different coat color grows over the more dominant coat color.

How often should you bathe your Boston Terrier and give it a dog wash? The answer to this question is simple. Only wash this breed when absolutely necessary. This could be when the dog is filthy or is emitting a foul odor. Only use dog shampoo to cleanse and refresh your dog’s coat. Rinse thoroughly and then, immediately after drying, apply spray coat conditioner to ensure the brightness of the coat will stand out.

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Washing a Boston Terrier is not a difficult task. Just fill the tub with lukewarm water. If unavailable, then a basin that is deep enough should suffice. Before bathing the dog, brush its fur first to remove any loose hair. Then lightly, wash the Boston Terrier’s body with the water then use the appropriate shampoo. Avoid washing the face area with shampoo and only use a soft washcloth to wash the face.

The facial area of the Boston Terrier is the most sensitive part of this dog since it is the area most prone to bacterial infections, particularly the eyes. Daily eye examination is needed for the Boston Terrier since their large eyes are more prone to scratches and infections. They should be cleaned daily with the vet’s recommended eye drops. Use two to three drops of eye cleansing solution on the dog.

Facial wrinkles should also be cleaned daily. A moist cotton ball can be used to wet the gaps then the area must be dried thoroughly. When finished, apply baby powder to the cleaned areas. If there are noticeable chapped areas or excessively dry skin, apply a small amount of moisturizing lotion. Special dog moisturizing lotions are usually available at pet stores.
The ears of the Boston Terrier need to be checked two to three times a week for the presence of ear mites or ticks. Boston Terrier’s have a sensitive ear and this area is prone to infections just like their eyes.

Clipping of the Boston’s nails should only be done once every two weeks. This allows the dog’s nails enough time to grow. Cutting the quick, (reddish brown part of the nail) is never advisable since this would cause pain and bleeding. When clipping the nails, use only dog nail clippers to ensure that the dog will not feel any discomfort.

Boston Terrier grooming is not a tedious activity. However time needs to be devoted to the facial area to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly. Brushing, bathing and nail clipping can be done at intervals.

Boston Terrier grooming should also not be thought of as just another chore that has to be completed. This activity actually creates a bond between the owner and the dog wherein the dog can rely on his master. Making sure that your dog’s well-being is properly cared for, with appropriate grooming, will ensure a healthier pet and will keep the vet away.

truth about this breed

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