The Boston Terrier Dog – A Gentleman at its Finest

boston terrierAlso referred to as Boston Bulls, the Boston Terrier dog was originally bred from an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier and was named after Boston, Massachusetts, the city in which they were bred.

The general physical characteristics of a Boston Terrier dog as confirmed and recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) include having a short and smooth coat with a fine texture and the standard shades are either black, brindle, or seal with white markings. The leg length should be in balance with the Boston Terrier’s body length which gives the dog a sturdy, square appearance. There are three different sizes of Boston terriers; and in terms of weight, these are categorized as follows: (1) those weighing under 15 pounds; (2) between 15 and 20 pounds, and (3) beyond 20 pounds.

The Boston Terrier Dog usually has a life span of 11 to 13 years although there are times when the dog lives longer. The teenage years of the Boston terrier are typically from six months until two years.

For those who plan to buy or adopt, here are some interesting facts about Boston Terrier dogs:

truth about this breed

One may ask, “Are Boston Terriers smart?” They truly are! Boston Terriers are highly intelligent dogs. Their eagerness to learn and quick response to human voice make them very easy to train. Each dog is uniquely different and dog training for this breed is easier with the help of praises and treats. So never forget to give your dogs a pat and their favourite treats when they have accomplished a task correctly.

For those who are concerned about behaviour, you may ask, “Are Boston Terriers hyper?” This depends on the master’s lifestyle. Boston Terriers can live happily as couch potatoes or canine athletes (e.g. engaging in physically stimulating activities). Generally, they are enthusiastic and good-mannered. Owners can still enjoy good physical and mental stimulation with their pet, even though Boston Terriers are classified as a non-sport dog breed.

When doing an outdoor exercise, you should make sure that your Boston Terrier dog is protected from extreme weather conditions and will not be exposed to demanding exercise regimes. An adequate exercise for the Boston Terrier consists of approximately 30 minutes or longer as long as the dog does not become fatigued.

The Boston Terrier is a little ball of energy and they need to release this energy. Exercises can be in the form of hiking, running, retrieving and swimming. Both its athletic capabilities, and its social skills are on a par, so it needs to be played with as well as being treated as a close companion.

Having a good temperament, Boston Terriers are suitable with children and the elderly. They consider every human as a potential friend, and they have a low tendency to bark at strangers. They are good watchdogs and seldom engage in unnecessary barking.

Good Boston Terrier dog breeders should ensure that undesirable temperament traits are removed during breeding. The key to a Boston Terrier puppies’ temperament lies with its parents: if the parents possess good temperament and socialization skills, then the pup will surely inherit them. These dogs are gentle-natured strong, friendly, and have a happy-go-lucky personality.

Dog care is a big responsibility for every owner, but especially Boston Terrier care which involves dogs that thrive in a physical, psycho-socio environment.

Neglecting your Boston Terrier may result in unwanted consequences. These creatures can become nervous and fidgety if left alone for too long. With proper training, the Boston terrier is the Gentleman of the household with its matching black and white fur coloring. This little beauty is a must-have to those who straddle between a hectic and a peaceful life.

truth about this breed

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