Boston Terrier Physical Traits: A Closer Look At The Tough Exterior

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In this article,  know Boston Terrier Physical Traits that will help you recognize one!

In fact, you would recognize a Boston Terrier’s physical traits very easily by their muscular, dark brindle with a white coat and a square, blocky head.

This breed bears a close resemblance to the bulldog, particularly in its face and tough physique.


A close study of this breed reveals that ideally the Boston Terrier stands a proud 12-14 inches high but can either fall under the category of lightweight (under 7 kg); middleweight (8kg); or heavyweight (rare at 10 kg).

You will find that your Boston Terrier Pet is sturdy, so don’t settle for one that is spindly or coarse.

On close inspection, you will also find that his bone and muscle are well proportioned and serve to improve his weight, structure and general appearance.

However, his fault lies in his blocky or massy appearance.

Your Boston Terrier is bound to have a square head, which is flat on top, and free of wrinkles. He will have flat cheeks, abrupt eyebrows and a well-defined stop.

  • Eyes: though wide-set, are large, round and dark in colour. His eyesare set bang in his skull, while his rims or external corners are set on a line with the cheeks, when viewed from the front.
  • Ears: though small, stand erect and could sometimes be natural or cropped to go with the shape of the head.
  • Muzzle: is short, wide, deep and square, and in symmetry with his skull.
  • Neck, top line and body: The Boston Terrier’s neck, is usually slightly arched and rests neatly and gracefully on his shoulders. If you find the length of his neck in proportion to the rest of him, you’re looking at a model Boston Terrier.

It should not be carried over the horizontal. Ideally, the Boston Terrier’s tail should not be longer than a quarter of the distance from the set-on to his hock.

What could disqualify him from adhering to the standard are his docked tail, which is sometimes carried aloft very happily, and his roach back.

If you’ve been wondering what makes your Boston Terrier move with such great style—in fact just like a sophisticate—you can safely put it down to his sloping shoulders are and wide back.

You’ll also see that his elbows are so structured that they neither stand in nor do they protrude.

On close inspection of his forelegs, you’re sure to see that his forelegs are straight in length and have short, strong pasterns.

His forelegs are also set comfortably wide apart and are in line with the upper end of his shoulder blades.

His feet are small and round and are complemented by the fact that they’re compact too.

However, the legs lack substance and are sometimes splayed.

The thighs of your Boston Terrier are strong and give the impression of belonging to someone very muscular, which you will find, your Boston Pet is. His thighs are slightly bent at the stifles and set right.

However, his hocks that neither turn in nor out are short for his feet, but have a well-defined hock joint. Just like his forequarters, his hind feet too are small, compact and have short nails.

However, being straight in the stifle serves as a fault in this breed.

Sure-footed and straight gaited, this dog’s forelegs and hind legs move straight ahead in line in perfect symmetry, each step revealing his innate grace and power.

However, the fact that his walk is not accompanied by rolling, paddling or weaving, is a disqualifier. What is seen to be a serious fault in his gait is any crossing movement, whether it comes from the front or rear.

Your Boston Terrier has a short, smooth and bright coat, often fine-textured.

Unlike other breeds, this one can be seen in a few definite colours—black, seal (black with a reddish overtone) or brindle coat with white markings.

To adhere to the standard, your Boston Terrier should have a white muzzle band, face blaze and white fore chest.

If he also has a white collar and white markings on his legs, that would bring him closer to the ideal.

Your Boston Terrier is usually of seal colour, or black with white markings. Only if your Boston Terrier conforms in all other aspects is the brindle coat preferred.

What disqualifies your pet in terms of colour are when he has a solid black, solid brindle or solid seal coat with no white markings.

To conform to the standard, he must have a white muzzle band, white blaze between the eyes and white fore chest.

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