Unique Boston Terrier Characteristics

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

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There are unique Boston Terrier characteristics you’ll be happy to find in your pet! They can be cute and compact, apart from vigilant and intelligent, but you need to know what to expect from your boston terrier pet.

First bred to popularize the sport of dog fighting, the present-day Boston Terrier does not have those sharp aggressive tendencies as his sportsmen ancestors.

Instead, today’s breed that has come a long way from being sporting dogs, are gentle, alert, intelligent, sensitive and well mannered.

Enthusiastic and occasionally naughty, your pet Boston Terrier can also raise a chuckle in you.

And if you lose your temper, he’s bound to sense it. Since he is so sensitive to one’s tone of voice and can sense what each tone of voice stands for, it is very easy to train him because he learns so quickly.

So, if you are a first time owner of a Boston Terrier, this fact will go in his favour.

At times, however, you may also find him very obstinate.

Perhaps one more strain that travels down in every litter and generation of this breed apart from its markings is the Boston Terrier’s strength and energy.

But if he is strong and energetic, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a soft side to him—your Boston Terrier is also gentle (despite his tough exterior!), loving and is right company for your kids and elderly parents. What’s more, he craves for human company.

Boston Terriers do equally well in apartments as in homes as long as you walk them twice a day.

Your Boston Terrier is popular with families and singles, all due to his lively and friendly nature. This makes him the world’s best friend, particularly if you are elderly and live by yourself.

He is also a good and reliable friend if you live in an apartment.

In fact, he’s so adaptable that this characteristic in him endears him to as many people as he comes across.

And if you’re the sporty type, expect to have a very involved sporty friend in your Boston Terrier because he too loves games. You can even leave him with kids, as he is kind and sensitive to them.

He may look tough but don’t let his expression or his tough physique intimidate you. Even if he meets fellow dogs in the neighbourhood, he won’t fight with them as most others do, because by nature he is not quarrelsome, bold or domineering.

But he is intelligent enough to be obedient when the situation demands it, and is endowed with a lot of physical and mental strength.

Some owners have reported that their Boston Terriers are good watchdogs that bark when danger approaches, while others say that their female Boston Terriers do not bark at the front door ever.

Still, they can be trusted with kids and aged folk and are friendly with strangers.

Your Boston Terrier is playful, affectionate and likes to be included in the warmth of a family. This is one of the most popular breeds in the United States, due to its character and endearing nature.

A rare trait of the Boston Terrier is that it gets along well with non-canine pets. Of course, the odd Boston Terrier is dominant and irritable by nature, making it very difficult to housebreak.

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