Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

Picture taken from www.dogbreedinfo.com

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How are you sure you’re dealing with a good and responsible Boston Terrier breeder? Being a first-timer to this field, you’re probably unaware of how it functions.

So, you need to have an inkling that the breeder you’re with means business as much as you do. If he is a committed breeder, he will give you only the healthiest, best socialized and a joy among pets to select from.

Having said that, what are the qualities of a good Boston Terrier breeder?

Don’t underestimate a breeder if he tells you that breeding is a passion and he’s in it because he loves it.

He’s as committed as a professional breeder and in fact, you can be sure he knows everything about the breeds he keeps, their behaviour, health problems, individual faults and are genuinely committed to their breeds of dogs, though they aren’t necessarily into this line solely for the money.

Such breeders are dog lovers, rather than businessmen and I think that says a lot more about them than merely being professional.

If your Boston Terrier breeder displays any or all of the characteristics given below, he’s a good breeder:

  • Sells dogs solely by contract in which the breeder’s healthy policy in terms of health guarantee, refund or return policy and the rights and duties of the owner and breeder are clearly spelt out
  • He offers you support with your new pup, and will be happy to take it back if you cannot look after it or abide by the terms of the contract
  • He is knowledgeable about the breed you’ve bought, including its individual faults, the diseases it could contract and its strengths and weaknesses
  • He can present you with the history of your pup’s sire and dam, their photographs and other details or even the parents in person
  • He will go to great lengths to ensure that you are a genuine buyer and pet lover and that with you, his pup has found a good home
  • His kennel, you will find, is extremely clean and hygienically maintained

At no time in your many interactions will he ever show his impatience to your questions or doubts, and will answer you patiently and thoroughly even on fundamental questions pertaining to the breed you are interested in purchasing

  • He will be only too happy to show you around his kennels so you can see at close quarters just how he keeps his pets and the standard that you would have to maintain
  • Though he is happy to show you his pups, he will not allow you to touch any of them lest they fall sick
  • When he is convinced you are indeed a genuine buyer, he will let you touch his pup
  • He will be more than just conversant with the history of the pup back to several generations in order to understand its individual personality and health problems, besides also conforming to AKC standards

What a breeder actually does: To be recognized as a good and responsible breeder, one must work hard to meet the standards laid down for each breed so that they are considered unique.

The breed must therefore be unique in size, body shape, shape of the ears and tail, and its angle. The breeder’s kennel should be full of healthy dogs, with as few genetic flaws as possible, and certainly fewer than his parents.

He must also maintain records of each breed he has sold all through the pet’s lifetime. When the dog dies, he will also need a cause of death report.

Choosing your breeder: As a buyer, you are sure to choose your pet with a lot of care. Breeders show the same amount of care when they choose their buyers.

By way of sifting the wheat from the chaff among buyers, a breeder will often start the process of selecting a buyer by asking you, his potential purchaser, whether you have any experience with looking after a dog.

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