How Much For a West Highland Terrier

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Friday, April 04, 2014

Hello everyone!

This is Sharda again for another West Highland Terrier newsletter.

How much for a West Highland Terrier? Prices of Westies vary from location to location and from country to country.

In some areas there may not be a Westie organization or breeder, so there may be added costs in shipping, traveling to the breeder, or other expenses.

Since it is important to get a Westie that is right for you, spend your time and do some research.

Don’t jump at the first Westie you see, rather spend some time. A good place to find out the cost of Westies in your area is to:

  • Complete online searches
  • Attend a dog show in the area
  • Call breeders in your area or in areas close to you
  • Check with the Westie organization in your area
  • Check with the AKC, CKC or KC to get information
  • Watch for Westie promotions or advertisements in dog magazines

Remember that it is important to know the breeder, pet store or rescue shelter that you are planning on getting the Westie from. Breeders are the best choice, as they will have a history of the dog as well as be able to advise you on health, behavioural and other concerns.

Pet stores may be able to provide a registration for the puppy or dog, but they will have little other information. Pet stores often get the puppies and dogs from less reputable breeders, so care should be taken when considering a puppy from a pet store. This is not always the case, however, and a bit of research can help you determine this.

Most pet stores will not offer a full health guarantee like a good breeder will, and this should be taken into consideration. Perhaps the extra money spent with a breeder is worth the knowledge that they will stand behind the soundness of the puppy or dog.

Rescue shelters or organizations are excellent options for people that would like a Westie that is already trained and is proven to be of sound quality.

Unfortunately many people get this breed loving its energy and nature, and realize only after they have got the dog that they do not have the ability to provide exercise or the right environment. These dogs, many of them very well behaved and socialized, are then given to shelters to try to find a good home.

Shelters usually have the dogs spayed or neutered prior to you taking them home. They have been vet checked and are current with their vaccinations. Most shelters also allow you to interact with the dog prior to making the final decision, and they can also provide advice and recommendations for helping the Westie adjust to new settings.

Most rescue shelters charge an adoption fee of between $100.00 to $150.00 to cover the cost of care, veterinary check-ups and spaying and neutering.

While cost is important in purchasing a dog, the factors discussed above should also be considered. Most purebred reputable breeders will charge a deposit on a puppy, and you may have to wait several months for a puppy to become available.

A puppy from a champion bloodline can be in excess of several thousand dollars. Unless you are planning to seriously breed and show Westies it is not necessary to spend this kind of money.

Check with the breeder to find out their restrictions on breeding their puppies. Many breeders now require that you agree to spay or neuter the puppy, which makes them ineligible as show quality dogs. This is done to prevent people from indiscriminately breeding these animals.

Most purebred puppies in the United States will cost approximately $450.00. Females may be slightly more expensive than males. The price will include first shots and paperwork to register it with the Kennel Club in your area. Shipping, crates or other items and services will be extra. Prices in Canada are comparable to the United States.

In the United Kingdom, Westie prices range widely depending on the breeding lineage and the kennel. A good quality championship bloodline puppy will start at 500 GBP. These lines often can trace directly back to the original breeders, and they are very highly regarded in the West Highland Terrier breeder’s groups worldwide.

Hope you learned a lot from today’s West Highland Terrier newsletter.

Sharda Baker